Lu Zhan, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, talked about "Science and Technology Innovation and Happiness"

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Are you happy? In front of this question, many people will be stunned, and then reflect on why the social development of science and technology has improved the wallet than before, but happiness has decreased or not increased.

With cars running faster, but more traffic accidents; with off-season vegetables but no pollution; with genetically modified but no sense of security, who is to blame?

There are indeed a few people who imagine pastoral songs of the past. But the wheels of social development roll forward, and the progress of science and technology has no boundaries.

P>We have the myth of Chang'e running to the moon that has been circulating for thousands of years, and we have achieved the real "Chang'e running to the moon". We dreamed of flying with wings, and now we are looking forward to the departure of large domestic aircraft.

Science and technology can liberate both hands and feet, make more capable things, and do more things in limited time. Science makes human beings stronger. Scientific and technological innovation has improved people's production efficiency and material quality of life. Technological innovation enables us to know more and look further. We used to know what it was, but now we can know why it is. Scientific and technological innovation not only changes life, but also changes environment and society, and changes our values and ideas. The manned spacecraft is a great invention, but the technology that can detect pesticide residues in vegetables also contributes a lot to people's lives. As we said at the beginning, cars are coming and traffic accidents are coming, but we can have more scientific management means to reduce the frequency of accidents; with diversified food, we should focus more on how to make the table safer. The focus of scientific and technological innovation should be to make people's lives happier and safer.

Lu Zhangong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, put forward that "scientific and technological innovation is the motive force, scientific and technological innovation is the vitality, scientific and technological innovation is the people's livelihood, and scientific and technological innovation is the future." Scientific and technological innovation is to create a better future for people's well-being by means of motivation and vitality. How to create green technology so that people can get more happiness while experiencing the convenience brought by high technology? This is a question that many high-tech industries should consider.

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