Provincial Eleventh Science and Technology Week Opens

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: People live on food. The emergence of lean meat powder, melamine, a drop of incense and other chemical substances has been "harassing" our table, affecting the health of citizens. On the morning of May 15, Zhengzhou Science and Technology Activity Week 2011 was launched in the nautical plaza. Taking this as a breakthrough point, many housewives and housewives of families brought their own agricultural products from the market for testing to see if they were fresh and contained harmful substances. At the same time, the "Science and Technology Activities Week of Henan Province" has begun in the whole province. In the coming week, 120 activities will be carried out in the whole province, involving more than 3 million people. The theme of the 11th Science and Technology Week of Henan Province is "Accelerating the Construction of Central Plains Economic Zone and Building Innovative Henan Together". Based on the principles of being close to reality, life and people, and focusing on "saving energy and resources, protecting ecological environment, ensuring safety and health, and promoting innovation and creation", the 11th Science and Technology Week of Henan Province extensively carries out a series of popular science activities with rich contents and diverse forms.

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