Advantages of Microwave Drying Equipment in Drying Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

According to different materials, drying equipment is divided into many kinds. Even under the same drying conditions, the mass transfer and heat transfer rates of different materials will vary greatly. If not treated differently, the effect will be very unsatisfactory. For example, drying of some medicinal materials, although they belong to the same kind of medicinal materials, according to the difference of origin or maturity of medicinal materials, drying conditions (power, drying time) must be changed, otherwise the quality of products will be seriously affected. In order to solve similar problems, Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. developed and manufactured special drying equipment for different types of materials. Such as microwave drying equipment for medicinal materials, microwave drying equipment for food and so on.

P>Microwave drying equipment has obvious advantages over traditional drying equipment. For example, the advantages of microwave food drying equipment:

P>1, high efficiency and fast heating speed;

2, energy saving and power saving;

P>3, strong bactericidal power;

P>4, less loss of food nutrition.

Learn more about food drying equipment, Click to see: Four characteristics of industrial microwave equipment in food field applications.

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