Master three new skills PK drying equipment foreign enterprises!

- May 08, 2019 -

In recent years, the competition pattern of domestic drying equipment industry has been broken. The manufacturers have developed from several original manufacturers to dozens of manufacturers, and the technological level of drying equipment products has developed rapidly. Compared with foreign products, the gap is smaller and smaller. Especially, the advent of some high-end drying equipment has made drying equipment in China become intelligent, integrated and functional in production and product competition. The strength is becoming stronger and stronger, but we can not relax our vigilance, we must master three new skills to resist the invasion of foreign enterprises!

Multinational corporations have absolute advantages in product innovation, quality reliability and after-sales service, etc. The gradual development of their industrial layout will lead to in-depth industry competition, and market sales will further concentrate on large-scale drying equipment enterprises and show strong performance. The stronger the person, the weaker the trend. In the face of these competitions, the localization of drying equipment can not rely solely on policy support. Domestic drying equipment enterprises need to rely more on their own strength to compete with multinational companies. Starting from the following three aspects:

1, innovation is the killer of enterprises: enterprises should vigorously promote the original innovation of drying equipment, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion, absorption and re-innovation capabilities, and promote the development of products with independent intellectual property rights. We should increase investment in independent innovation, strive to break through common key technologies, take enhancing independent innovation ability as the strategic basis of scientific and technological development, and take it as the central link in adjusting industrial structure and changing the mode of growth.

2. Take the resource-saving development road: We should take the resource-saving development road, carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, and vigorously develop and apply the drying technology of renewable energy and industrial waste heat. In order to implement the development strategy of high efficiency and green drying, we should first take the resource-saving development road, change the single extensive drying into combination and intelligent drying. It is necessary not only to carry out fundamental transformation in drying technology, but also to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, and vigorously develop and apply the drying technology of renewable energy and industrial waste heat.

3. School-enterprise joint learning of advanced technology: In the direction of technology, we should strengthen the research on automation, manufacturing technology and material appearance design, and learn advanced technology from abroad. We should make enterprises directly unite with these universities and scientific research units in various forms, make enterprises the main body of technological innovation, and make our drying equipment industry bigger and stronger, striving to be international. The stage also occupies an important position.

At present, when the boom cycle of drying equipment industry is at the bottom, the cost of mergers and acquisitions is lower, which is more conducive to the acquisition and integration of domestic drying equipment enterprises by foreign drying equipment enterprises with their capital advantages. The acquisition of domestic drying equipment enterprises by multinational companies can not only prevent other drying equipment enterprises from challenging their leading position, but also seize the resources of China's drying equipment market. 。

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