Application of Microwave Heating in Industry [Drying Equipment]

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: Microwave refers to the electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is from 1 m to 1 mm, and its corresponding frequency is from 300 MHZ to 300 GHZ. Industrial microwave technology has been widely used in electronics, ceramics, powder materials, food industry and other industries. In the past ten years, the development and research of microwave as a special new energy has attracted much attention. With the deepening of research and the improvement of technology level, industrial microwave heating is becoming a practical method of food processing and industrial heating with good energy-saving effect. The industrial microwave equipment (food drying equipment, powder material drying equipment, chemical drying equipment) produced by Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. Medical drying and sterilization equipment, wood drying equipment) have been widely used. The obvious characteristics of microwave heating applied in industrial field are fast, energy-saving and no environmental pollution. It is a new process method. Now it has entered some departments of national economy. In oil field exploration, microwave heating method is used to analyze and study the characteristics of core, measure water saturation, bake and measure full-diameter porosity, permeability, silica gel and so on. Transportation departments use microwave heating to repair pits and cracks in asphalt pavement, and directly reheat, melt and solidify asphalt and concrete in situ. In a very short time, the pavement can be uniformly heated in the depth of the pavement, repairing the pavement, saving money and time. In the drying of Chinese herbal medicine, wood, paper, decorative fabrics and processing of vegetable leaves, microwave heating technology has achieved good results. As a new material processing technology, high power microwave has attracted great attention at home and abroad. More than 500 papers have been published at the International Conference on Microwave Sintering and Microwave Drying and Drying sponsored by American Society of Materials Research and Ceramics Association. The highest frequency of high power microwave developed abroad is 100GHZ and the corresponding wavelength is 30mm. The industrial microwave frequencies used in ceramic processing are mostly 2450MHZ, and some are 28GHZ, 35GHZ, 60GHZ and 80GHZ. In China, the development of high-power microwave processing equipment is included in the "863" plan. MWM-863 series 2450 GHZ multi-cavity microwave sintering furnace and vacuum microwave sintering drying furnace have been developed successively. 915MHZ multi-mode cavity microwave sintering furnace. The application of microwave treatment in structural ceramics, electronic functional ceramics and functional coatings is studied. Microwave sintering of structural ceramics can reduce sintering temperature and achieve high density. Industrial microwave heating has also been applied in agriculture, light industry, foundry, medicine and health. In addition, the technology of microwave power transmission is under development. The transmission frequency has been developed to 2500MHZ. The high sensitive phased array antenna is used to control the direction of microwave beam by computer. It shows that it is feasible to transmit electric energy wirelessly. It is envisaged that many microwave transmission stations will be set up along the expressway. Microwave power transmission will provide kinetic energy for automobiles, and solar power satellite will be built by microwave. Power to ground users, microwave power to drive aircraft, etc.

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