Social Benefits of Microwave Drying Equipment for Silicon Carbide Powder

- May 08, 2019 -

Microwave equipment can not only bring good profits and product stability for enterprises, but also have outstanding advantages in environmental protection. At present, flash drying and rotary kiln drying of silicon carbide powder are mostly coal burning for heating air or liquefied gas for heating and drying. In the process of coal combustion, it is easy to produce air pollution, and there are serious dust pollution. However, Henan microwave equipment can also bring more blue sky and white clouds to the society, bring happiness and health to employees, and effectively avoid polluting the environment.

In conclusion, the use of microwave drying equipment for SiC micro-powder in Henan Province can effectively bring sustained and significant economic and social benefits. In the next three years, it is planned to popularize microwave drying of SiC powder equipment in the industry.

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