High temperature sintering technology of industrial microwave ceramics has entered the pilot stage smoothly

- May 08, 2019 -

March 2012, a new breakthrough in sintering field-high temperature sintering technology of industrial microwave ceramics of Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. has entered the pilot stage successfully!

sintering technology is an important process in the preparation of industrial materials, and traditional sintering must go through a long period of high temperature before sintering can be completed. In recent years, the microwave sintering technology, with its time-saving, energy-saving and pollution-free characteristics, has caused a new breakthrough in the concept of sintering, known as "a revolution in sintering technology". Microwave sintering technology

has been widely valued by the governments, industry and scientific circles of developed countries since its advent, and its application fields are also growing. Especially in ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields, it has incomparable advantages compared with conventional technology. Microwave sintering not only has the advantages of rapid heating and uniform heating, but also shows the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection. Advanced countries have carried out research work on microwave sintering of ceramics and achieved many beneficial results. In the late 1990s, developed countries such as the United States, Canada and Germany began to produce ceramic products in small batches. Among them, the United States has the ability to produce microwave continuous sintering equipment, and some enterprises in China have also made microwave sintering equipment.

Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd., which rises in Zhengzhou National High-tech Zone of Central Plains, has been devoting itself to the research and manufacture of industrial microwave equipment since its establishment, and has opened a new era of industrial microwave sintering technology with the attitude of world industrial microwave industry leader!

Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company integrating scientific research, production, marketing and service. High-tech enterprise is the only professional manufacturer engaged in the research of super-large and high-power industrial microwave application technology, the design and manufacture of industrial microwave equipment. In order to build the world's leading industry in microwave industry, the company introduced advanced technology from Germany, formed an elite research team, cooperated with famous universities, hired well-known experts in the industry, rapidly transformed the latest scientific research achievements into productivity, and gradually pushed them to the market. At present, the first super-large and high-power industrial microwave powder drying equipment has been successfully developed in China, which fills the technical gap in the industrial microwave industry and the manufacturing gap of super-large equipment, and brings tremendous technological advancement to the microwave application industry. The equipment power breaks through the technical limit of 1200 kW high power and super large industrial microwave equipment for the first time in China!

Industrial microwave series equipment produced by the company has been widely used in many industries. Including metallurgy, powder materials, chemical industry, ceramics, refractories and other high energy consumption, heavy pollution of industrial areas and fine processing of new materials, as well as light industry, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, rubber, textiles, building materials and so on. The after-sales service of products is twice as high as the industry standard. It has become an inevitable choice for powder materials, refractories, food processing and equipment updating in pharmaceutical industry.

People uphold the business purpose of "honesty, responsibility, service and development", take "promoting energy-saving and efficient development of relevant enterprises" as their mission, and make every effort to build "the first brand of industrial microwave industry" as their vision. To do the best, pay attention to every detail, with its excellent corporate culture, hand in hand with the highest quality team to show the world!

Microwave Ceramic Sintering Technology is a new sintering process, it will become the most effective and competitive new generation of sintering technology. The success of microwave high temperature sintering of Henan ceramics indicates the industrial application of microwave sintering technology in China!

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