Microwave Equipment, the Top Enterprise on the Top List of Attentions

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: China Food Machinery Equipment Network is an e-commerce website which provides one-stop business services for manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers of food machinery industry. Relying on Hangzhou Baizhan Network Technology Co., Ltd. rich information service experience and strong strength in the Internet field, it has become the largest professional website in the food machinery industry. In order to better serve the food machinery industry and enhance the brand image of food machinery enterprises, China Food Machinery Equipment Network recently launched a "Top Companies on the List of Most Concerned" campaign on the Internet, aiming to tap the "potential stocks" in the network and provide more choices for purchasing users.

The event comprehensively evaluated the member units of food drying equipment network from the aspects of enterprise reputation, independent IP visits, product sales ranking, booth maintenance update frequency, customer feedback and so on. Among them, Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. has won the high attention and recognition of customers and industry enterprises for its high quality product quality and meticulous customer service, and stands out in the selection.

The following is the award certificate of "Top Companies on the Most Attracted List":

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