Development Trend Analysis of Domestic Agricultural By-product Processing Machinery Industry Market

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: The focus and layout of the development of specific products and industries of crop processing industry by relevant state departments are as follows: Food processing industry with crop products as raw materials should highlight the processing of food, oil, sugar, vegetables, fruits and tea products.

The processing of grain products should be transformed from rough processing to finish processing, from single variety processing to multiple varieties, from simple products to deep-processed products. The key point is to do a good job in the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of rice, wheat, corn and potatoes, strive to improve the quality of basic raw materials, realize diversification, serialization and specialization of processing varieties, and accelerate the extension of grain products to food manufacturing industry.

P>Paddy Processing. At present, China's paddy processing enterprises are small in scale, traditional processing methods are backward, and deep development is insufficient. 90% of the paddy is processed in rural areas, which is obviously different from the world's advanced level. In the future, we should make articles on intensive processing and comprehensive utilization, focusing on the development of high-quality rice finishing, paying attention to the development and application of technologies such as fine milling, conditioning and finishing of finished products in the processing process, vigorously developing by-products such as rice bran for oil-making and other purposes, in order to increase the rice yield, milled rice, special rice (including germ milled rice, nutritionally fortified rice, steamed rice and other special rice), and deep processing of broken rice.( Including rice flour products, rice additives (polishing agents, flavoring agents, etc.) and rice husk, rice bran comprehensive utilization of five series of products to support the development of enterprises of reasonable scale. In the layout of processing enterprises, we should rely on the national commodity paddy base and carry out near-production processing.

P>wheat processing. At present, the technological level of wheat flour industry in China is not far from the advanced level in the world, but there is a gap between the overall equipment level and foreign countries. The single flour processing varieties, excessive processing capacity and inadequate production capacity of high-quality special flour restrict the development of food processing industry with flour as raw material to a certain extent. In the next 5 to 10 years, the wheat flour industry should carry out technological transformation of existing flour processing enterprises, expand the scale of enterprises, improve the technical content of products, and continuously develop new products. Develop industrialized management from special wheat planting to processing, properly control the development of small flour mills with low flour yield and high energy consumption, and avoid blindly introducing foreign processing equipment. In order to promote the industrialization of main flour products, it is necessary to increase the total flour yield and the flour yield of good flour, vigorously develop various kinds of special flour, develop frozen dough, nutritionally fortified flour and special flour suitable for special people.

P>Corn Processing. Maize processing technology in China is relatively low, accounting for only about 20% of the output. It is widely used as rations, and deep processing accounts for only 9% of the output. In the future, efforts should be made to cultivate and develop new varieties of high-oil corn and high-quality protein corn, to develop diversified corn food and multi-purpose industrial raw materials, to improve the comprehensive utilization level of existing processing enterprises, and to develop products such as starch, corn flour, corn pulp, corn protein powder, fiber residue or corn husk and germ. In order to further develop and utilize corn starch, high value-added products such as modified starch, citric acid and starch sugar should be produced. Corn feed processing should develop towards specialization, specialization, health care and granulation. In terms of layout, the focus is to support and establish a number of large-scale and high-level corn processing enterprises in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other major corn-producing areas.

P>Potato processing. Potatoes are one of the more economical starch raw materials, and also the intermediate raw materials of many industrial products. In recent years, potatoes have become less and less used as rations. In addition to processing traditional products such as dried potatoes, starch and noodles, starch and its derivatives, starch sugar, organic acids, amino acids and chemical raw materials have been further developed. However, compared with developed countries, the proportion of potato processing capacity in our country is only about 15%, and the processing depth is not enough, so we should make further development in the future. Strengthen the research and development of potato deep processing technology and complete sets of equipment, process potato starch, modified starch, potato powder, potato composite chips and quick-frozen potato chips and other products, and realize multiple processing, transformation and value-added.

P>Cotton processing China is the largest cotton producing country in the world. With the continuous development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for cotton products has increased year by year, especially for high-grade cotton textiles. The processing of long-staple cotton still uses the equipment from 1960s to 1970s. The technology is backward, the production efficiency is low, and the quality of cotton is declining. It is urgent to improve and improve it. During the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, we should focus on solving the problems of processing technology and equipment of long-staple cotton, shortening the period, improving the processing efficiency of long-staple cotton and ensuring the processing quality of cotton. Processing plants should have a certain scale and adopt more modern processing equipment to produce high-quality cotton products to meet market demand. With the improvement of people's living standard and the growth of population, the demand for edible oil is increasing day by day, and the domestic self-sufficiency is insufficient. A considerable part of the oil processing needs to be imported. In recent years, although China's oil processing capacity and technical equipment level has been greatly improved, but the layout of oil processing enterprises is unreasonable, the problem of low-level repeated construction is prominent, the utilization rate of processing equipment is not high, and the product processing grade is low. In the future, by introducing new technologies, expanding the scale of enterprises, adjusting product structure, developing intensive processed products, the rational utilization of oil resources will be realized. Oil processing: continue to promote the extraction of oil. Industrialized development of oil puffing and leaching technology and equipment; systematization and scale-up of high-content oil direct leaching and low-temperature desolvation technology and equipment; acceleration of physical refining technology and equipment nationalization, development of functional food oil series products; study of by-products of oil processing and food additives products technology.

Development and utilization of vegetable protein: Study the effect of oil cake quality on vegetable protein under different technological conditions, study the production technology of vegetable protein, develop functional vegetable protein products of soybean and peanut, apply detoxification technology of cottonseed and rapeseed cake to produce feeding and edible protein products, develop ultrafiltration, freeze-vacuum drying technology and equipment for protein production; Industrialization development of textile and protein isolate.

Oil processing enterprises should be arranged in concentrated production areas such as rapeseed, peanut and soybean, carry out technological transformation of existing processing enterprises, phase out small processing enterprises with low processing grade, and cultivate a number of large and medium-sized oil processing enterprises with advanced technology, good product brand quality and high comprehensive utilization. Control the development of oil processing enterprises in non-oil production areas. Focus on supporting the modern production of traditional protein products and the development of new protein products. In the main soybean producing or selling areas, a number of soybean processing enterprises have been transformed, facilities and equipment improved, and scientific and technological content increased.

Tea processing in China ranks first in the world, second in output, 20% in Global trade volume and third in the world. Although China is a big tea producer, its per capita consumption is not high. The annual per capita consumption of tea is 300 grams, which is 60% of the world's per capita consumption. Tea is an agricultural product with export advantage in China. However, the processing equipment is obsolete, the quality of products and packaging grade are low, and the comprehensive utilization is not high. In the future, we should use new technology, new material and new technology to speed up the transformation of traditional tea industry, improve the level of continuity and automation, and increase the content of science and technology. The product development still focuses on beverages, with quality, freshness, characteristics and convenient use as the basis, and with famous tea, green food, organic tea and health tea as the focus. Tea processing should be closely integrated with the pharmaceutical and food industries, vigorously developing healthy foods, food additives, health products and medicines with tea as raw materials.

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