How to apply the new microwave energy-saving and environmental protection drying technology in all walks of life

- May 08, 2019 -

At present, China has gradually adopted microwave technology in leather, wood, color printing, food, paper, chemical industry, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco leaves, building materials, rubber and medical industries, and achieved good economic benefits. As a new processing method, microwave energy technology has greatly impacted the technological transformation and equipment renewal of various industries. Especially at the present stage, all operators are faced with the problem of solving the product structure and social needs to adapt to the improvement of product quality and variety requirements of social development. One of its focuses is insufficient technological innovation and lagging quality upgrading. The emergence of microwave technology provides good conditions for improving product grade, keeping up with technological progress and creating high value-added products. Food industry

1, food industry

people take food as their day, and food industry is the pillar industry of China's rapid rise. The food can be puffed, dried, deodorized and preserved by microwave. At present, it has been used in the production of cakes, beef jerky, potato chips, dried fish fillets, salted duck, cashew nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, soybeans and so on. Our company produces 50 to 60 sets of microwave equipment for food industry every year. Wood processing

2, wood processing

microwave can drying 1-6 cm thick wood evenly and rapidly. It takes only 10 minutes to dry, and it does not crack and deform little, killing the eggs and larvae inside the wood at the same time. It can also solidify plywood or splint bonding; bamboo products can be dried, mildewed and sterilized.

3, rubber industry

Japan uses 2450MHz, 5-10kw microwave heating equipment to heat the tire once, after heating up to vulcanization temperature, it can vulcanize 3-4 tons of tire by hot air. The United States uses 915MHz, 50KW horn antenna as radiation heater, and uses program control to rotate and scan large tires, which has the advantages of uniform heating and shortening vulcanization time by one third. 。 The microwave equipment developed by our company is used in Fujian for continuous vulcanization of ordinary rubber strips or strips with metal skeleton. Its quality is comparable to that of imported equipment and its price is one third of that of imported equipment.

< P > 4, insecticidal sterilization

< P > Microwave can be used to sterilize and kill insects at lower temperatures. Processing food, medicine, tobacco, wood, etc. It can be used for insecticidal and sterilization at 70-80 C. And the heating speed is fast, not affected by material thickness and shape. The sulfur in raw coal occurs in the form of pyrite, and pyrite has higher loss tangent than coal. Therefore, pyrite can be selectively heated by microwave to react with gas for desulfurization. Coal is not affected. The ideal method is intermittent heating with pulse wave lasting 0.1 seconds, heating pyrite to about 650 C. This method has good desulfurization effect, does not need expensive catalyst, saves money, has high energy efficiency and little environmental pollution.

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