Experts on Microwave Drying Equipment: How to Choose Drying Equipment

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: We know that each drying device has its specific scope of application, and each material can find a number of drying devices to meet the basic requirements, but the most suitable one can only be. For example, improper selection, users should not only bear the unnecessary one-time high procurement costs, but also pay a heavy price in the whole service life, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operating costs, poor product quality, and even the normal operation of the device and so on.

For this reason, the experts of microwave drying equipment advise us that the selection criteria of microwave equipment are as follows:

1. Applicability - - - drying device must first be suitable for specific materials, and meet the basic use requirements of material drying, including good handling of materials (feed, transport, fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, discharge, etc.), and can meet the processing capacity, dehydration capacity, product quality. Basic requirements of quantity and so on. High drying rate

2. Only in terms of drying rate, the material is highly dispersed in hot air during convective drying, with low critical moisture content and fast drying speed, and the same is convective drying. Different drying methods have different critical moisture content, so the drying rate is different.

3.Low energy consumption - - - Different drying methods have different energy consumption indicators. The thermal efficiency of general conductive drying can reach 100% theoretically, and convective drying can only reach about 70%.

Note: Henan industrial microwave equipment series products are non-standard customized equipment, which can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs.

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