Zhao Zhikai: Development of Industrial Microwave Environmental Protection Technology

- May 08, 2019 -

At present, universities and scientific research institutes are still the main force of scientific and technological innovation in environmental protection industry. The disconnection between production, learning and research has pushed enterprises to the front line of "independent innovation". Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the top generals who strive to upgrade their scientific and technological level and strength through scientific and technological innovation. How can scientific and technological achievements be transformed into the real driving force for the development of environmental industry? This issue has aroused the attention and heated discussion of many professionals. At the recent "Expert Forum on Industrial Microwave Promoting the Development Trend of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Frontier Science and Technology", Professor Chen Ping of Sun Yat-sen University said that with the market-oriented reform, although the combination of design institutes and market is closer than before, the separation between universities and other scientific research institutes and market is becoming more and more serious. Recently, a reporter from Microwave Equipment Network interviewed Mr. Zhang Hongwei, General Manager of Henan Province, on issues such as technological innovation of environmental protection enterprises and development of environmental industry.

Technological research should proceed from practical problems

The current situation of technological innovation in China is centered on universities, while enterprises usually play a "foil" role. Taking Henan as an example, according to General Zhang, the Henan Provincial Committee is vigorously grasping the industrialization of high and new technology. There are many universities and research institutes in Henan, and the research results are very fruitful. But few local businesses can "enjoy" these results. "The development of local enterprises in Henan is not promoted by the emergence of new technologies." Zhang said.

According to General Zhang, the technical issues set up by expert groups in Colleges and universities often face the problem of technology transformation. Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. technology innovation is based on the actual demand, so as to realize the natural transformation from technology to industry. The actual demand enlightens the research and development of new technology, and the successful new technology can better serve the actual demand. In this way, the virtuous circle of technology and industrialization transformation can be realized. General Zhang suggested that engineering technology innovation should be transformed into research led by enterprises and coordinated by universities. Because the establishment of enterprise technology projects is very clear, that is, to achieve technology transformation. It is known that Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. produces several new technological achievements every year. At present, the main research direction is industrial microwave sewage treatment technology. Zhang said that the development of microwave irradiation and other disciplines will drive the progress of sewage treatment technology. Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the innovation of sewage and treatment unit technology, so as to achieve the upgrading of sewage treatment technology. It is understood that the research on microwave irradiation, especially nitrogen removal from sewage, has been very mature in Henan Company. At present, in view of the improvement of national sewage discharge requirements and the importance of reclaimed water reuse, the research and application of microwave irradiation filtering technology are mainly focused on. At the same time, Zhang said that domestic technological innovation is facing a bottleneck problem, that is, weak respect and protection of intellectual property rights and knowledge value by the state. At present, technology imitators will get more benefits than technology originators. Because there is no cost input in the original process, imitation will not maintain the technical reputation, let alone upgrade and improve it. However, China's patent protection is still in a state of "no pain, no itch", which inevitably infringes on the interests of technological originators, but also hinders the development of technological innovation.

Encouraging innovation should strictly prohibit copying, and at the same time increase the legal sanctions against copycats, in order to highlight the value of new technologies and social respect for intellectual property rights.

Strengthening the combination of environmental protection technology and capital

Talking about the current situation of China's environmental protection industry, Zhang always showed some helplessness: "China's environmental protection industry is too dispersed, too chaotic, and the competition is disorderly." It is difficult for large enterprises to break through the bottleneck of development to form a larger scale, which has seriously affected the strength of domestic environmental protection enterprises and even industries, and has become a stumbling block for domestic enterprises to participate in international competition.

Mr. Zhang recognized the integration of domestic environmental protection enterprises, especially the combination of technology and capital. "Technological companies with strong independent innovation capability and capital companies with strong capital strength will inevitably increase their international competitiveness." However, Zhang also pointed out that such integration needs driving force. The so-called driving force, in the final analysis, is the degree of national recognition of technology. He explained that at present, compared with capital investment, technology investment is still at a disadvantage, because technology does not have a clear price. So companies prefer to "make money with money" rather than "make money with technology". However, the development of enterprises depends on the innovation of science and technology and the application of achievements. Henan, Zhengzhou University and Sun Yat-sen University's technological alliance and achievements transformation have brought a good start to the sound development of the industry.

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