Speech by Zhou Jinlong, Deputy Secretary-General of Abrasive Branch of China Machine Tool Association

- May 08, 2019 -

Environmental protection development has been a hot topic in the world. For China, with the rapid economic development and clean development, the social demand for environmental protection development is growing. At present, China has become one of the major industrial countries in the world, and assuming the role of a responsible big country has become an important strategic core of the country's sustainable development. With the theme of "paying attention to the development of environmental protection and escorting the sustainable development of domestic industry", this conference comprehensively explores the development and application fields of new technology of industrial microwave equipment, promotes the environmental protection development of enterprises in industrial field, and promotes energy saving and emission reduction of enterprises. The severe challenges of

also mean great opportunities. Under this background, China's alternative energy industry has developed from scratch and from small to large. But like any new thing, it is most appropriate to use the phrase "the future is bright, the road is tortuous" to summarize the development process of China's alternative energy industry or private enterprises in recent years.

The development of industrial microwave industry in Henan Province is fast and effective, especially in the drying field. It has been used in many fields and achieved economic and social effects of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. Has successfully entered the abrasive abrasive production enterprises, in the abrasive abrasive industry more and more widely used in the field, and has been well received by the use of enterprises.

Take the industrial microwave industry market as an example, manufacturers hope to promote the industrial microwave industry through the strong alliance between enterprises and enterprises under the promotion of national industrial support policies and administrative forces. However, many local governments have slowed down the pace of joint development in the absence of clear national industrial policies and considering their own interests. In this market structure, how can the microwave industry leap forward? Here, I would like to share some of my views.

We believe that only when the industry is bigger and has good economic and social benefits to demonstrate, can the state pay more attention to it and accelerate the process of establishing industrial projects and promulgating national standards.

Today's Conference on scientific and technological achievements is a good attempt and Discussion on the combination of government, scientific research and enterprises to promote the development of the industry, which will play a positive role in promoting the rapid development of Henan industry. The association's position on such an activity is consistent and clear. That is to actively promote, join the service industry, serve the needs of enterprises, and actively promote the use of new technologies by abrasive abrasive industry enterprises. It is the environmental protection and efficient development of the industry enterprise group, and to do a little to promote the development of national environmental protection.

Although the new energy industry in China is still in its infancy, as long as we hold high the banner of independent innovation, develop and produce new energy products that meet the needs of China's national conditions, and continuously expand the influence and impetus of industrial microwave drying new energy enterprises in the process of domestic economic development, Henan enterprises, especially private enterprises, have been given enormous influence in this era. Historical Opportunities and Social Responsibility!

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