High quality lays the foundation

- May 08, 2019 -

< P > In recent years, microwave equipment has been recognized by customers as a high-tech, high-quality and high-service brand image, which is attributed to its excellent product quality and service.

Referring to quality, Vice-President Zhao Zhihai of Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. told the reporter such a story. In the Spring Festival of 2011, when Zhao Zhihai visited the leader of the abrasive abrasive industry association, the leader asked him, "Where is the most difficult place for brand integration?" Zhao Zhihai answered, "It is the recognition of customers." The leader shook his head and said, "The biggest risk is whether we can control the quality!" "We always remember the leadership's warning," Zhao Zhihai told reporters, "Quality is the life of the enterprise, and microwave equipment will never sacrifice quality for short-term economic benefits!"

We can not let customers suffer losses

"We can not let customers suffer losses." At the production base, a young employee who is conducting equipment testing told reporters.

"We should guard against quality risks from the source, strictly enforce the access system of raw materials, and not allow unqualified raw materials to flow into production links." Xu, Minister of Research and Development Center, said.

"In all performance indicators, we do our best to satisfy customers." Vice Minister Zhou of Technology Development Department said.

In order to create a good atmosphere of quality culture within the enterprise, the company starts with enhancing the quality consciousness of employees, and strengthens the training of managers'representatives, quality controllers, internal auditors and employees at all levels in a hierarchical and phased way every year. Taking advantage of the opportunities of quality month and safety month, we actively carry out quality education activities from positive and negative aspects. At the same time, strict measures should be taken to reward the good and punish the bad so as to make the concept of quality deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The company implements ISO/9001 management system certification to unify the quality policy, quality objectives and work flow; formulates the unified quality management manual, 40 procedure documents and 60 general three-level documents used by the company, and successively establishes a unified standardized management system; forms a unified product process system; implements unified quality standards for finished products, raw materials and finished products, and guarantees the quality of finished products. Certificate production base and branch company's similar product quality is consistent.

The company implements the unified management system of qualification certificate. The head of Quality Inspection Department said: "If the technical data do not meet the requirements, we will never allow the factory to leave the factory to guarantee the quality of the equipment from the source."

P>tailor-made products for customers

Zhao Zhihai told reporters that in recent years, the company has provided individualized services to customers in the industry, technicians have entered the user units and R&D cooperation units, pushed forward the focus of scientific research, carried out quality environment analysis before the design and commissioning of new equipment, and strengthened pre-quality planning. Through understanding the quality requirements of customers, the company provides suitable microwave drying equipment and comprehensive after-sales service.

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