Application of Microwave Heating in Refractories and Iron and Steel Metallurgical Industry

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network: As a new heating technology with high efficiency and energy saving, microwave heating is widely used in developed countries in the world. China's industrial microwave dryer has only begun to develop in the past ten years, and its overall level is far behind that of developed countries. Therefore, it is urgent to speed up the pace of development and popularization. At present, China's energy shortage is increasing, refractory production and application process has high energy consumption, long time consumption, low efficiency, and industrial microwave heating has obvious advantages of energy saving and high efficiency, so it is necessary to use new industrial microwave heating technology in our field to replace those traditional heating methods with high energy consumption, labor-consuming and time-consuming, so as to make our industrial heating technology and equipment. Raise to a new level. Industrial microwave dryer is composed of several billion Hertz per second electromagnetic wave with microwave as heating energy. When heating the product, the product is in the microwave electric field. Under the action of the electric field, the water or absorbing medium in the product produces billions of times of violent vibration, collision, friction and rotation per second, which generates kinetic energy. In a very short time, the product is heated from inside to outside at the same time, which is just the opposite of the traditional heating method. Thus, the industrial microwave heating is the largest. The advantages are as follows:

P>1.High efficiency and rapidity: microwave heating in an instant can save 2/3 of the time of drying refractories compared with traditional heating methods;

P>2.Energy saving: heating to the same temperature requires much less heating power, plus short heating time, for some samples can also reduce the sintering temperature, so the energy saving effect is remarkable.

P>3. Good heating quality: uniform heating, small temperature gradient in the heating body, thus less cracking and expansion;

P>4. Environmental protection: no smoke emission, no pollution to the product surface, especially the treatment of rare earth and other radioactive materials is better. Microwave dryer saves space because it is much smaller than traditional heating kiln.

P>6. Under the strict control of energy saving and emission reduction policies, the industrial application of microwave technology can get more support from national policies and government finance and economics. Refractories are not only the basic materials to support the development of high temperature industrial technology, but also a traditional industry with high energy consumption and pollution. Our province is a major province of refractory production, whose output accounts for 47% of the total national output. Energy saving and emission reduction is the primary task facing the refractory industry, which is related to the survival of enterprises. In refractory production, microwave heating is widely used to replace kilns heated by gas, electricity and coal, such as: raw material preparation: bauxite, bauxite homogeneous body and synthetic magnesia-calcium sand body drying; refractory products: drying of various light and heavy refractory products, drying after slipper processing (drilling and polishing); curing of resin bonded products; Drying of parts (top of electric furnace, ladle lining, slag barrier, slag ball, integral spray gun, prefabricated beam, tapping ditch, tapping trough, pellet sintering furnace lining, carbon roasting furnace lining, glass tin trough bottom big brick machine after processing) and drying of melting and casting large brick template, etc. Because of the uneven structure of refractories, the low thermal conductivity and slow heat transfer of materials, the heating time is long. Especially for the drying of some large prefabricated parts, the temperature and heating speed need to be carefully controlled. A little carelessness will lead to the damage of drying objects. In addition, the technical level of many drying kilns is not high, and the heating speed and temperature control accuracy are difficult to implement technical regulations. Microwave heating can avoid these problems. In the application of refractories,

microwave heating is also widely used to replace gas or electric heating, which has great potential in this field. As we all know, in order to turn around production, every iron and steel plant has dozens of ladles, ladles and tundishes. Their lining materials need to be heated, dried or preheated after replacement. Some of them have either been dried or preheated, but because of the incomplete use cycle, heating can not stop and still be empty heated. At present, mainly using gas, heating time is long, energy consumption is high, and increase. Thermal inhomogeneity. Because these high temperature vessels have only one opening, microwave is easy to close. If microwave heating is used, it will save energy, improve production efficiency, reduce the number of containers, save refractories and so on. The comprehensive economic benefits will be considerable.

In a word, under the current industrial policy situation of strictly controlling energy saving and emission reduction, microwave heating has a very good application prospect in refractory production and application fields with its advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and friendly production environment, and its economic and social benefits will be very significant. It is hoped that Henan Microwave Equipment Company will continue to increase its development and publicity efforts, develop more products, expand its application scope and make greater contributions to the refractory industry.

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