Breakthrough in abrasive drying technology brings new support for energy saving and emission reduction in abrasive industry

- May 08, 2019 -

Press Conference on New Technologies of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Drying in Domestic Industry in 2010 Zhengzhou held

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: December 19, Baihong Guanri, flags flying, 2010 Press Conference on New Technologies of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Drying in Domestic Industry was solemnly held in Henan Hotel, Zhengzhou City, by the Abrasives Branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association, Zhengzhou High and New Technologies Technological Industry Development Zone, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Zhengzhou University Institute of High Temperature Materials, Henan Refractories Industry Association, Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. More than 200 relevant leaders, industry experts, business representatives and media representatives attended the press conference, and a group of journalists from China Superhard Materials Network was invited to attend the conference.

Green Silicon Carbide Powder Drying can save 35% energy to realize micro-powder production line operation

Press Conference was chaired by Vice General Manager Wang Xiaodong of Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. Su Jianyong, design engineer of R&D Center of Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd., on behalf of the company, released the technology of "Micro-powder production-realization of integrated production line of powder making, drying, screening and packaging". Su Jianyong introduced that the traditional micro-powder production technology mostly adopts wet process. Because of the long drying cycle of micro-powder, the production can not achieve real integrated assembly line operation, which seriously restricts the continuity and scale development of micro-powder production. Using microwave energy application technology, the R&D team transformed the production process of micropowder into an integrated pipeline operation through transmission belt, which not only improved production efficiency, but also reduced pollution. The technology has good application effect on white corundum powder, brown corundum powder and black silicon carbide powder.

Vice General Manager Wang Xiaodong released the technical achievement of "Energy Saving 35% in Drying Process of Green Silicon Carbide Powder": Green Silicon Carbide has been widely used in photovoltaic and semiconductor materials for several years, and will occupy an important position in the future development of science and technology. At the same time, there are problems of pollution, high energy consumption and high labor intensity in drying process of Silicon Carbide Powder, which affect the scale of the product. Development. The R&D team uses microwave energy technology to dry green silicon carbide, and exerts microwave penetration characteristics, so that materials can be heated rapidly and water molecules can be gasified rapidly, saving energy up to 35%. Minister Zhu, the technical representative of

, published the technical achievements of New Cracking Process for Industrial Waste Tires. Under-Secretary-General Zhou Jinlong delivered an important speech

at this conference. The organizer invited relevant industry leaders and experts to come to the scene to demonstrate the feasibility of the company's new technology and to accept questions from the on-site journalists and business representatives. The guests at the rostrum were: Under-Secretary-General Zhou Jinlong, Abrasive Branch of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association. Liu Xinmin of Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, Minister Yang Qing of Zhengzhou Development Zone Venture Center, Professor Ye Fangbao of Zhengzhou University, Professor Zhengzhen of Shanghai Polytechnic University, Secretary-General of Henan Enterprise Independent Innovation Research, Director Sun Qingsong of Luoyang Industrial Park and General Manager Niu Yongchao of Shangqiu Jinyuan Machinery Equipment Company.

Liu Xinmin delivered a warm congratulatory message and praised the company's efforts in innovation and energy conservation in terms of macroeconomic development direction of energy conservation and emission reduction. In response to questions from reporters, Liu Xinmin said that the government would give full support to Henan's high-tech enterprises in policy, reduce and exempt income tax, and encourage enterprises to make technological innovations in energy conservation and emission reduction. New. Under-Secretary-General Zhou Jinlong delivered an important speech, pointing out that environmental protection development will be the theme of China's Industrial Development in the future. It is the general trend for enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions and promote the development of environmental protection. The company's microwave drying technology has successfully entered the abrasive abrasive industry and achieved good application results. Today's conference is a good attempt and exploration for the government, scientific research and enterprises to combine to promote the development of the industry. It has a very important reference for promoting the high-speed development of Henan industry. For such activities, the association will actively promote, jointly promote the development of the industry, and make a modest contribution to the development of national environmental protection. Professor Zheng Zhengzhen, an expert in ecological environment research at Shanghai University of Technology, delivered a speech entitled Industrial Microwave Heating and Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, describing the technical advantages of microwave drying and heating and the favorable external environment strongly supported by national policies.

General Manager Niu Yongchao of Shangqiu Jinyuan Machinery Equipment Company and Minister Geng of Henan Feimeng Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. also made speeches one after another. From the point of view of enterprises, they introduced the specific situation of improving the production efficiency and reducing the cost of using microwave drying technology in the company. Questions were made and valuable suggestions were put forward. Finally, Ye Fangbao, director of the Institute of High Temperature Materials of Zhengzhou University, gave a speech on the theme of "Application of Microwave Drying Technology in Refractories and Iron and Steel Metallurgy". Professor Ye fully demonstrated the feasibility of microwave drying technology in improving production rate and reducing energy consumption by a large margin from the theoretical and technical aspects of microwave drying. The technology has obvious advantages in energy saving and emission reduction, and the prospect of microwave utilization is broad.

Media "Long Gun and Cannon". The entrepreneurs spoke enthusiastically about microwave drying

This press conference attracted the attention of many media in Henan Province. Reporters found that ten minutes before the launch of the press conference, China Super Hard Material Network, Henan TV Station, China Broadcasting Network Henan Branch, Dahe Network, Shangdu Network, China Network Henan Online, China Abrasive Abrasives Online, Decision-Making More than 20 journalists from Exploration magazine and other media have appeared on the scene of the conference, erecting "long guns and cannons" and waiting quietly for the start of the conference. During the question-and-answer period, the reporters fully interacted with the leaders and experts from the rostrum on the development status of industrial microwave in Henan and the technical advantages of microwave drying in environmental protection. Representatives of entrepreneurs at the scene of

were also unwilling to show their weakness, and they spoke and asked questions in succession. "The specific technology of microwave drying equipment technology and the actual effect of microwave drying equipment production" has become a hot topic for delegates. A representative of an abrasive abrasive enterprise who attended the meeting told reporters that at present our abrasive drying technology has been relatively backward, and I am very interested in the new microwave drying technology to improve the drying rate of abrasive. If possible, I hope I can go to the production site after the conference to have a better understanding of the advantages of this new technology. After the press conference of

, entrepreneurs'representatives and media reporters attended the Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the company.

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