The prospect of microwave treatment of carbon gold is promising

- May 08, 2019 -

This newspaper news: With the rapid development of China's gold industry, gold resources which are easy to be extracted by direct cyanidation are gradually exhausted, and refractory gold resources have gradually become the main raw materials of gold industry. Carbonaceous refractory gold ores account for an increasing proportion of proven gold geological reserves and are widely distributed in Liaoning, Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Gansu, Sichuan, Anhui and Jilin provinces. How to make full use of this part of resources has become one of the most active areas of technology research in gold industry. It is known that carbonaceous gold ore is a kind of gold ore containing amorphous carbon, graphite or high hydrocarbon ratio organic matter. A large number of studies have shown that the reason why the carbonaceous gold ore is difficult to treat is that the carbon in the ore has the function of "robbing gold". During cyanide leaching, the gold leaching rate of this kind of gold ore is obviously reduced due to the strong adsorption of carbon on dissolved gold. At present, the pretreatment methods of carbonaceous gold ores mainly include competitive adsorption, passivation, chemical oxidation in aqueous solution, oxidation roasting and so on. But when these pretreatment methods are applied, they will be restricted by some factors. As a new green metallurgical method with rapid development, microwave technology has attracted wide attention in the fields of grinding, pretreatment, drying, roasting, metal extraction and the treatment and utilization of smoke and dust. Some research results are gradually turning to practical stage, which preliminarily shows the great potential of microwave technology in metallurgical application. The application of microwave technology in the treatment of carbonaceous gold ores in China is still in the experimental stage. Therefore, the research and development of microwave radiation technology with short technological process, low capital investment, low environmental pollution, high total gold recovery rate and easy popularization and application has made a breakthrough in the application of microwave technology in gold production field, which is of great significance for the realization of efficient, environmentally friendly and clean development and utilization of refractory gold resources. Microwave heating is different from traditional heating in that it does not need heat conduction from the surface to the inside, but directly heats the material through the energy dissipation of microwave in the material. Because the mineral properties (electrical conductivity, magnetic permeability, dielectric constant) of the ore are different, the humidity that can be achieved in a certain time is obviously different. Carbon is a very good microwave absorbent. It can be oxidized in a very short time because of its fast heating rate in microwave field. Carbonaceous gold ore can be selectively eliminated by microwave radiation. Compared with traditional oxidation roasting, microwave heating roasting has the advantages of low energy consumption, short heating time, good carbon removal effect and high gold cyanide leaching rate. The microwave heating temperature test shows that, at lower heating temperature, although a small part of the carbon in the ore is removed, the remaining carbon is activated, the adsorption capacity is enhanced, and the gold leaching rate is lower than that of the direct cyanidation of the oxide slag. However, with the further increase of temperature, the carbon removal rate and gold leaching rate increased. The two tests

fully show that microwave technology is feasible for treating carbonaceous minerals. Carbonaceous minerals in materials can be removed by microwave heating and oxidation, which solves the problem of "gold robbery" in subsequent cyanidation operations.

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