Interpretation of Henan's Opinions on Implementing the Elimination of Backward Productivity such as Printing and Dyeing

- May 08, 2019 -

China Industry Research Network News: In accordance with the spirit of the "State Council's Circular on Further Strengthening the Work of Eliminating Backward Capacity", Henan Province recently issued "Opinions on the Implementation of Eliminating Backward Capacity Work" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). In view of the textile industry, the Opinions set out the objectives and tasks: by the end of 2011, to phase out 74 dyeing and finishing production lines, pre-treatment equipment for more than 15 years, intermittent dyeing equipment with bath ratio greater than 1:10; to phase out backward models of printing machines, hot melt dyeing machines, hot air cloth stretchers and setting machines; to phase out backward production technology equipment with high energy consumption and water consumption; and to phase out R531. Old acid viscose spinning machine, viscose production line with an annual output of less than 20,000 tons, wet and DMF solvent polyurethane production process, DMF solvent polyacrylic production process, semi-automatic winding equipment with spindle length of polyester filament less than 900 mm, batch polyester production equipment and other backward chemical fiber production capacity.

Opinions strengthens the restrictive role of safety, environmental protection, energy consumption, material consumption, quality, land and mineral development indicators; formulates and improves the relevant industry access conditions and backward productivity definition standards; encourages the development of low-consumption, low-pollution advanced productivity; strengthens the audit management of investment projects, insists on "equal replacement" or "equal replacement" of new productivity and elimination of productivity for industries with excess capacity. The principle of "reduction replacement" should be adopted to support the acquisition, acquisition and reorganization of backward production enterprises by superior enterprises.

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