"Expert Forum on Industrial Microwave Promoting the Development Trend of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Frontier Science and Technology" was held in Zhengcheng

- May 08, 2019 -

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Deputy Director Liu Xinmin of Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone Management Committee Entrepreneurship Center attended the Forum

Minister Yang Qing of Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone Management Committee Entrepreneurship Center attended the Forum

Vice President Zhang Rui of Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management made a special speech

Forum site.< / P > < P > The first large-scale conference on industrial microwave industry serving national environmental protection was held today in Zhengzhou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Henan Province.

The government of the high-tech zones attached great importance to and gave strong support. Vice-director Liu Xinmin of the entrepreneurship center of the Management Committee of the high-tech zones and Minister Yang Qing of the project service department attended the meeting. Liu Xinmin delivered an enthusiastic speech.

Professor Zhang Rui of Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, a well-known industrial microwave energy expert in China, made a special speech and answered the questions and technical questions of the delegates.

The sponsor, Vice General Manager Wang Xiaodong of Henan Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech entitled "Corporate Responsibility and Obligation", which elaborated the responsibilities and obligations that enterprises should shoulder.

From Sun Yat-sen University, Zhengzhou University Institute of High Temperature Materials, Jiangxi Ganzhou Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy, Kaihua Group Sanfeng Catalyst Company and other research institutes, enterprises attended and gave speeches. Henan, the organizer of the conference, signed a cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou Aircraft College and Zhengzhou University to jointly promote scientific and technological innovation and product development of industrial microwave equipment. It also signed cooperation agreements with Ganzhou Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy to promote the use of high-tech equipment in special industries. The Expert Forum of

was a success and achieved positive results in 23 clients with an intention amount of 75 million yuan. The successful holding of this forum in the high-tech development zones will further enhance the investment strength and government image of the high-tech zones, promote the rapid development of enterprises in the jurisdiction and enhance the brand influence in China.

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