Nanopowder 2010 China (Shanghai) International Powder Exhibition

- May 08, 2019 -

Nanopowder 2010 China (Shanghai) International Powder Exhibition

and Powder New Technology Forum

Time: May 27-29, 2010

Venue: Shanghai Guangdao Exhibition Center (No. 78 Caobao Road)

China Association of Micronanoenterprises

Japan Powder Industry Association

Organizer: Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Company

Shanghai Zhuoge Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Co-sponsors: Close Friends Group

Shanghai Fine Creation Powder Equipment Co., Ltd

German Raleigh Powder Equipment Co., Ltd. (

Co-sponsors, interested parties please contact the Organizing Committee)

China Coatings Network;

China Plastic Rubber Network; China Paper-making Network; China Pharmaceutical Network; China Screening Machinery Network;

China Crushing Equipment Network; China Environmental Protection Equipment Exhibition Network; Henan Microwave Equipment Network

Nanopowder 2010 Model:

Exhibition will follow the model of "Exhibition+Forum+Conference Briefing+Online Exhibition Hall", combined with economic and trade negotiations and scientific and technological exchanges activities, i.e., prototype (model), sample exhibition, exhibition. Panels, photo exhibitions, audio-visual presentations, on-site demonstrations, products, exhibits, technical lectures, special technical seminars, information dissemination, advertising and publicity, etc. are combined to display all-round publicity of enterprises and new technologies in powder!

< Preface

< P> As the most professional, well-known and authoritative powder and its processing equipment exhibition in China, Nanopowder 2009 has achieved great success. Work. Nanopowder 2009's international exhibitors mainly come from four countries and regions, namely Japan, Korea, Germany and the United States. There are 113 exhibitors participating in the exhibition, with 157 exhibition spaces and 4,000 square meters of exhibition area. A total of 3776 professional visitors visited Nanopowder 2009, focusing on coatings, plastics, chemical industry, rubber, paper-making, metallurgy, microelectronics and other fields. International professional audiences come from 17 international and regional organizations, including Degussay, DuPont Group, China Federation Rubber Group and other world-renowned companies. During the same period, China International Forum on New Powder Technology was held. A total of 34 experts from 5 countries and regions published 37 academic reports representing the latest powder research. A total of 375 registered participants participated in the exhibition. With the forum! 1270 mobile audience listened to the report.

Nanopowder 2010 has received strong support from the business community. The European Powder Industry Agreement and the Japan Powder Industry Association continue to be the sponsors, while the German Rayleigh Powder Equipment Company and Close Friends Group continue to be the co-sponsors of this exhibition and forum.

We look forward to more enterprises participating in our exhibitions and forums, cooperating and exchanging with other industries, seeking partners and business opportunities while displaying their image and expanding their markets. At the same time, we also hope that through our efforts, your company can achieve the greatest harvest in this exhibition and forum!

Conference schedule < P>

Exhibitors report to the exhibition: May 25-26, 2010

launch time: May 27-29, 2010

withdrawal time: May 29, 2010

Forum time: May 27-28, 2010

< P> < exhibition scope < P> < P > powder raw materials: metal: Powder, non-metallic powder, compound powder, micron powder, nanometer powder, etc.

Powder preparation technology and basic technology: granulation, mixing, separation, screening, filtration, sintering, granulation and compaction, solid powder drying and other engineering equipment and related technology; metering and feeding, unloading, bulk material conveying, storage equipment, vacuum device, pipeline technology, recycling equipment. Preparation, packing and filling, weighing equipment, etc.

Particle analysis and characterization: particle analysis, sampling equipment, laboratory instruments, etc.

Measurement and control technology: display, flowmeter, pressure gauge, level gauge, process control, etc.

Safety and environmental protection technology: industrial fire alarm protection, electrical explosion-proof, non-electrical explosion-proof, process safety, emission control, safety of work area. All-round;

Related Services: Engineering Organs, Scientific Research Institutions, Universities and Technical Publishing House, etc.

indoor indoor lighting exhibition booth Outdoor bare space booth 36 M2 rental 600 yuan / m2 730 yuan / m2 83 0 yuan/m2 $200/m2

Note: No foreign company's name, trademark or product may appear on the booth charged for domestic exhibition. Indoor standard booth double-sided openings, three-sided openings and four-sided openings are added 15%, 20% and 25% respectively.

Booth Description:

1. Standard booth: booth three-sided exhibition board, a consultation table, two folding chairs, two fluorescent lamps, Chinese and English lintel board, a 220V power supply, booth carpet.

2, indoor/outdoor lighting: Exhibitors themselves are responsible for the design, construction, electrical equipment and the resulting costs.

3. Exhibition sponsorship: awards for innovative products, high-level seminars, advertisements on the back of visiting tickets, advertisements on the back of breast cards, information bags, advertisements on breast cards suspenders, flags, signboards, exhibitors'information boards, advertisements at the entrance of pavilions, advertisements in halls, balloon advertisements and so on. Please call us for specific fee standards.

Forum and Technical Exchange: (Note: Less than one hour is calculated by one hour, less than two hours by two hours. )

Forum Type Time Price Time Price Time Price

Forum Type Time Price

Domestic Enterprises 1 hour 3800 yuan 2 hours 6800 yuan

Joint Venture 1 hour 4800 yuan 2 hours 7800 yuan

P>Overseas Enterprises 1 hour 800 dollars 2 hours 1500 dollars

< P> Conference Publications and Other Advertisements:

< P> Conference Publication Cover Back Cover Cover One Two Three-color Page Black and White Pages

RMB 18000 yuan 6000 yuan 7,000 yuan 000 yuan 5000 yuan 3000 yuan

invitation: 8000 yuan/10000 inflatable arch: 5000 yuan/day

admission ticket: 8000 yuan/20000 airborne balloons: 3000 yuan/day

Note: In addition to being widely sent to the competent departments and relevant associations, visitors and exhibitors during the conference, the journal will also be sent to domestic and foreign industry systems and related distribution units through the organizers. Audience Sources and Audience Organizations:

1. Publicity materials on exhibitions and forums will be put on concentrate at that time, accompanied by the whole process of the exhibition, and extended to the post-exhibition investigation. The official website of the Organizing Committee and publicity materials will be put on the same time.

2. Follow-up report and publicity of the exhibition through professional media and mass media will attract professional audiences from all over the world to visit and negotiate. Well-known professional websites and newspapers and magazines will be carefully selected to publish the exhibition information so as to enhance the visibility and influence of the exhibition.

3. Organizing, supporting and co-sponsoring organizations have high-quality professional audiences in the industry. They will organize a wide range of professional visitors to the exhibition. They will invite professionals to visit the exhibition, including medical and health, biology, petrochemical industry, textile, electronics, machinery, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, agriculture, aerospace, military industry, automobile, environmental protection, energy, paper-making, coatings, plastics, rubber, ceramics and microelectronics. Architecture and related scientific research institutes, teachers and students of universities, etc.

P>4. Entrusting the Foreign Exhibition Department to organize and invite foreign professional audiences and trade delegations.

5. Distribution of exhibition publicity materials at relevant exhibitions. Two months before the exhibition, a large number of audience invitation materials will be mailed, and information inviting relevant enterprises and institutions to conduct special interviews on the exhibition will be sent. Measures and Procedures for Participation:

If you wish to register for the exhibition, please call the Organizing Committee to obtain or download the "Application Form for Participation" from the official website, fill in the form and fax it to the Organizing Committee with the official seal. Within seven working days of applying for booth, 50% of the deposit or full amount of the exhibition fee will be remitted to the organizing committee by wire. After remittance, please fax the remittance bill to the Organizing Committee in time so that the organizing committee can confirm the booth. The principle of booth allocation sequence is "first apply, first pay, first arrange". The balance will be paid before April 1, 2010

, otherwise the organizer will abandon the exhibition. After receiving the deposit, the Organizing Committee will send you invoices, Booth Confirmation Letter and Exhibition Manual. The Exhibition Manual specifies all the procedures and matters needing attention, including visa, schedule, exhibit transportation, hotel reservation and leasing equipment for foreign exhibitors.

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