24th China International Ceramic Industry Exhibition

- May 08, 2019 -

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Time: May 18-21, 2010

Place: Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodity Fair and Exhibition Hall

Select the right stage to fully show themselves.

CERAMICSCHINA is your stage!

Six groups of digital interpretation of Asia's largest ceramics industry event


China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition (CERAMICSCHINA), founded in 1987, has been successfully held to the 24th session. Each exhibition brings together the world's top science and technology and the latest products, and becomes an extremely important business and trade exchange platform for the global ceramic industry.


CERAMICSCHINA 2008 has audiences from 57 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, the United States, Africa and Australia. The top 10 countries are India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Italy, Malaysia, Iran, Japan and Turkey.


CERAMICSCHINA 2008 attracted 427 enterprises from 13 countries, including Italy, Germany, Britain, Spain, France, Korea, the United States, Japan, India, Turkey, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, and China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among them, 97 foreign enterprises accounted for 22.7%.


CERAMICSCHINA 2008. The total number of exhibitions is 3,010, and the area of special booths is as high as 24,540 square meters, accounting for 90.6% of the total net area of the exhibition, which fully reflects the high quality and high specifications of the exhibition.


CERAMICSCHINA 2008 received 41,650 audiences both at home and abroad in three and a half days. Among them, 38,054 domestic audiences (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) accounted for 91.4% of the total number, while 3,596 foreign audiences accounted for 8.6%.


CERAMICSCHINA 2008 exhibition area was 59,000 square meters, second only to the Italian Rimini Ceramic Machinery Exhibition (TECNARGILLA), becoming the second largest ceramics industry event in the world.

A grand gathering of world's top science and technology and latest products

exhibition scope

Construction ceramics production technology and equipment (raw material processing technology and equipment, mould, press, drying, glazing, kiln);

Sanitary ceramics production technology and equipment (raw material processing technology and equipment, mould, forming, drying, glazing, kiln);

Daily use Ceramic production technology and equipment (raw material processing technology and equipment, dies, moulding, drying, glazing, kiln);

< P>

arts and crafts ceramics production technology and equipment;

< P> high-tech or special ceramics production technology and equipment;

< P> ceramic decoration technology and equipment (transfer printing, drum printing and decal technology and equipment);

< P> ceramics raw materials and accessories (raw materials, chemical materials, mould materials)

ceramic decorative materials (ceramic pigment, glaze, flower paper, base paper, gold paste, gold water, electro optic water, ink adjusting oil);

industrial ceramic products: ceramic balls, filter ceramics, all kinds of tower packing, acid and temperature resistant materials, new building foam ceramic tiles, various tower internal supporting materials, catalysts, etc.;

building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, daily ceramics, Arts and Crafts Ceramics, High-tech or Special Ceramic Products, etc.

New Technologies, New Technologies, Patented Products of Ceramic Industry, etc.

Other: Research and Training, Technology Transfer, Associations and Related Institutions, Media, Professional Books, etc.

Note: Tort of counterfeit and inferior products participating in exhibition and exhibiting commodities is strictly prohibited, otherwise, all consequences will be borne by oneself. <

Exhibition Cost

Exhibition booth type

Domestic Exhibition Area


Standard booth



9500/9 m2




9500/9 m2<7500 yuan/9 m2

7500 yuan/9 m2P>P>

Standard booth basic configuration: 2.5 m high exhibition Carpet

Room Inner space space space (36m2 rent)

950 yuan/m2

950 yuan/m2

750 yuan/m2

750 yuan/m2

<750 yuan/m2

<830 yuan/m2

660 yuan/m2

660 yuan/m2

P>P>P>P>Special space standard booth for special location booth for additional charges: bilateral opening: 5% additional charges, trilateral opening: 10%<

10 Foreign brand companies are not allowed to be used in booths. Names and trademarks; 2) Exhibitors who rent indoor or outdoor space need to design and build their own booths, with booth electricity and space management charges added; 3) Exhibitors who are not the main contractor are not allowed to participate in the exhibition, and the paid fees are not refundable; 4) If exhibits of exhibitors do not conform to the scope of the exhibition specified by the organizer, the main contractor has the right to prohibit the exhibition and the fees paid are not refundable;

Global promotion strategy

Through more than 20 years of accumulation, the professional audience data of the exhibition has reached more than 200,000, and cooperation networks have been established in more than 60 major ceramic producing and consuming countries on five continents of the world. Through these cooperative units, they carry out worldwide publicity and promotion activities, including advertising and publishing exhibition information on more than 30 professional journals and more than 60 related websites at home and abroad, promoting exhibitions in various important industries, inviting highly targeted telephone, e-mail and direct mail invitations, and visiting ceramics trade associations and trade promotion agencies regularly, thus ensuring the view of each exhibition. Quantity and quality.

The 8th International Ceramic Industry Development Forum

Since the first Forum was held in 2003, the Forum has become an indispensable and important part of CERAMICSCHINA. It is an exchange and discussion between domestic and foreign ceramic enterprises, industry experts and government officials on the development trend of the world ceramic industry, government planning and related policies, market environment and dynamic analysis, as well as academic exchanges. An important platform.

Enterprise Special Session

Enterprise Special Session

Enterprise may apply to organize special meeting according to their own needs, such as dealer meeting, new product launch conference, technology exchange meeting, etc.

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