CHINA2009 China (Shanghai) International Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition

- May 08, 2019 -

Fax: Invitation letter

World Drying Equipment Industry Purchasing Group and Multinational Retail Group Purchasing Center were invited to purchase at the conference!

Provincial Drying Industry Chambers of Commerce organized a large number of distributors to attend and negotiate purchasing!

Recipient: Sender in charge of the exhibition: Jiangnan 13718309915

2009 China (Shanghai) International Heat Expo:

CHINA2009 China (Shanghai) International Drying Equipment and Technology Technical Exhibition

Exhibition Time: Exhibition Venue: Shanghai Guangzhou Exhibition Center

Supporting Unit: Shanghai Transnational Purchasing Center of China Industrial Economic Federation, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China

China Drying Industry Association, China Chemical Industry Society (CIESC), China Medical and Chemical Association

China Machinery Industry Association, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China

. >

Co-sponsors: European Drying Equipment Industry Association German Drying Equipment Manufacturers Association

Japan Drying Equipment Industry Association Spanish Drying Equipment Industry Association

sponsors: China Machinery Enterprise Management Association China Mechanical and Electrical Products Circulation Association Drying Equipment Branch

sponsors: Germany Bickett International Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

< P> < Special cooperative media units: China Central Television, Shanghai Evening News, China Youth Daily, Shanghai Morning News, International Business Daily, International Machinery Daily,

P>Shijiazhuang Daily, Tianjin Daily, Internet and Shanghai TV, Shanghai Oriental Television,

Asia Business Satellite TV, China Drying Network, China Drying Equipment Network, China Food Industry Network,

P>P> China Pharmaceutical and Chemical Network, China Agricultural Network, China Purchasing Network, Alibaba, Huicong Business, Qihu Business and so on

With the 2008 Olympic World Expo held in China, the influence of the Olympic World Expo on China's various fields has emerged, and history has given us new opportunities and challenges. All walks of life are flourishing. These will also bring a broad market space for drying equipment and technology. In order to meet the needs of agriculture, industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, meet the needs of market development and promote the dominant position of drying equipment and technology in the international industry, China (Shanghai) International Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2009 will be launched. This exhibition will gather and display domestic and foreign drying equipment and technology. Drying industry products, high-tech content, new technology, advanced technology, high-quality technical equipment, further promote exchanges and cooperation between end users and manufacturing, research and development departments, and invite well-known experts and research institutions at home and abroad to introduce drying equipment technology and development trends.

We sincerely invite you to participate in the "China (Shanghai) International Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2009" and welcome relevant enterprises and people to visit the exhibition!!! This exhibition takes the form of industry forum, academic exchange, product promotion exhibition, exhibition, trade negotiation, procurement and so on, which fully reflects the authority and effectiveness of the exhibition. Benefits come from the latest technology worldwide, customer groups with great commercial value and face-to-face communication and exchanges.

Exhibition Time: Dec. 13-14, 2009

Exhibition Time: Dec. 15-17, 2009

Exhibition Time: Afternoon of April 17, 2009

Drying Equipment:

< Fluidized Bed Dryer, Steam Rotary drying / calciner, rotary dryer, spray dryer, flash dryer, test dryer, air dryer, vacuum dryer, paddle dryer, freeze dryer, belt dryer, drum rotary dryer, disc type continuous dryer, box / tunnel dryer, high frequency and microwave dryer, infrared heat radiation dryer, solar drying New technologies and equipment, such as grain dryer, wood dryer, etc.

drying products:

quicklime dryer, montmorillonite dryer, mineral dryer, silica gel dryer, packaging dryer, active aluminium dryer, active pottery dryer, molecular sieve dryer, active carbon dryer, etc.













300USD/m2<Standard Booth Configuration <<<<<<

standard booth allocationstandard booth allocation<<<<<<<

<20% cost

< P > < B > conference fee

< P > < B > 800
yuan/person for conference materials, lunch, souvenirs etc


exhibits transportation, accommodation and other matters. Exhibitor's Manual shall prevail

Fill in the booth application form, post or fax it to the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly after adding a stamp. Within one week of applying for the booth, the exhibition fee [50% or full amount] will be telegraphed to the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly. The principle of booth sequential allocation is "first apply, first pay, first arrange", and the balance will be paid by November 30, 2009. If the exhibition is cancelled, the Organizing Committee should be notified in writing before November 1, 2009, and the exhibition fee will not be refunded.

[Professional Audience Organization and Promotion]

:"Take the exhibition as a bridge to promote the development of the industry", in order to make the exhibition the most effective and valuable professional exhibition to ensure the rights and interests of every exhibitor, China (Shanghai) International Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2009, in addition to the relevant newspapers, industry magazines, professional websites to reach an interactive alliance, while combining. To ensure the success of the exhibition, we organize high-level professional audiences in the following ways.

The organization invites decision-makers from relevant ministries, provincial and municipal governments, chambers of Commerce stationed in China, chambers of Commerce of drying industry associations, large and small enterprises, import and export trading companies, distributors, environmental protection and other units to visit and negotiate. During the post exhibition period, 100,000 invitations and 500,000 tickets were sent directly to domestic and foreign businessmen through the organizing committee. Establish a special purchaser and audiences organization department, responsible for inviting professional audiences at home and abroad.

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