Magic Microwave Technology and Its Application

- May 08, 2019 -

Henan Microwave Equipment Network News: In the situation of the high development of modern science and technology, microwave applications, in addition to microwave communication, are also related to medical and health, road construction, aerospace, environmental protection, energy transmission and other aspects, as well as people's lives. Scientists in Canada have found that microwave can increase the chemical reaction rate between some organic substances by more than 1200 times, which has greatly changed the prejudice that microwave can only heat water-bearing substances, expanded the function of microwave heating to the field of organic substances, and achieved new results one after another.

Scientific research institutes have developed a new technology of microwave ceramic firing, which can shorten firing time and reduce energy consumption. The new technology is characterized by allowing the blank to absorb microwave, and then fired into ceramic products from the heat it emits. A special furnace using this method has been developed successfully. The furnace wall has a double-layer structure, consisting of ceramics absorbing microwave and heat insulation materials. Compared with the existing firing method which first warms the surface, the internal heating method can increase the temperature uniformly during the firing process of ceramics, thus reducing the phenomenon of unequal deformation and color, and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. The quality of ceramics fired by microwave is no less than that fired by electricity, gas or heavy oil. This technology can be used to make insulating ceramic bottles and industrial researchers in semiconductor, automobile and other fields. A new method of demolishing concrete buildings of atomic reactor by microwave has been developed. Because the environment around the atomic reactor is radioactive to varying degrees, it is not allowed to raise a little dust during the demolition of the building. The water contained in concrete is heated by microwave, which makes the volume of water expand in the process of transforming into water vapor, thus causing cracking and explosion of concrete. In this process, no dust will be produced, thus ensuring that the environment is not polluted. In highway construction, people often feel time-consuming and laborious for melting asphalt. The smoke produced should pollute the environment and keep warm during transportation so as not to cause solidification. If the asphalt is heated by microwave, satisfactory results can be obtained. The United States has also invented a way to use microwaves to repair roads. The method used in the past often makes the pavement in a cooling state, which is difficult to combine with the new asphalt, and the repaired highway also loses its original smoothness. After using microwave repair method, the pavement can be heated and melted quickly by transmitting microwave to the pavement that needs to be repaired through a device. Thus, the new asphalt for filling and the asphalt for pavement are fused together, and then the pavement can be easily leveled by using a roller.

Microwave can transmit energy effectively: not only can ground electronic facilities work with microwave irradiation to supply energy, but also airplanes in the air can receive energy from microwave beams emitted from the ground to make scheduled flight plans. The microwave station on the ground transmits high-energy microwave to far space. The instrument installed on the aircraft can receive microwave energy and convert it into electric energy to drive the engine on the aircraft. According to this principle, as long as people set up a microwave transmission station every 120km on the ground, they can make the microwave aircraft fly around the ground continuously without landing or refueling. In September 1987, the first unmanned microwave aircraft successfully flew into the blue sky at the airport outside Netherlands, Canada. It lasted 20 minutes at high altitude. Its energy comes from the disc antenna installed under the aircraft. The transmitter on the ground converts electric energy into microwave and transmits it to the sky. After receiving it, the aircraft converts it into electric power and drives the propeller to fly. Shortly afterwards, an unmanned aerial microwave surveillance vehicle was developed in the United States. The flying device is powered by 2 MW microwave emitted from a ground microwave transmitter. When the receiver on the aircraft converts the received microwave into electrical energy, it can be supplied to the motor. The flight altitude of the aircraft can reach 183-21350 meters, and it can stay in the air for 90 minutes. In 1991, scientists from the United States and Canada cooperated to establish an advanced ground microwave station. Here is the largest microwave transmitting antenna in the world, which can transmit microwave to tens of thousands of meters high. The airplane can fly continuously for three months at altitude of 20,000 meters from the ground using microwave energy during flight.

Now, Japan has developed more advanced microwave energy-supply aircraft. By using the latest semiconductor technology and automatic orientation technology of phased array antenna, microwave transmission can be further and orientation accuracy can be higher. At the same time, it avoids the mechanical movement of transmitting antenna and is very flexible to control. It is especially suitable for microwave transmission on satellite.

In the development of space industry, people are envisaging launching space shuttles with microwave energy, so that the cost is only one-twentieth of the cost of rocket launching. At the same time, scientists use microwave to detect and monitor the atmosphere, creating a good air environment for the smooth flight of rockets and satellites.

Microwave can be used to treat various diseases and relieve pain and mental burden for patients in the field of modern medicine. A very small microwave generator can be directly sent into the human body from the mouth, urethra and anus, killing cancer cells directly, and can be used to treat cancer or abscess in the stomach, esophagus, prostate, etc. If a very fine microwave generator coil is sent directly into the blood vessel, the superfluous substances in the blood vessel wall can be removed and the inner wall of the blood vessel becomes smooth and elastic.

American physicians have found a new method of contracting swollen tonsils by microwave technology, which can protect patients from discomfort and bleeding caused by traditional tonsillectomy. During the treatment, the medical staff inserted a needle-sized fever probe into three points of two swollen tonsils and stayed at each point for a few seconds. The temperature of these heat probes ranges from 120 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius, allowing the swollen tonsils to atrophy rapidly.

Some medical experts in Japan have applied microwave coagulation to the treatment of gastric cancer. It uses the thermal coagulation of proteins by microwave to coagulate and necrosis tumor tissue cells. Current microwave coagulation therapy is to insert needle electrodes directly into tumor tissues from skin in vitro under the guidance of ultrasound, coagulate tumor tissues and kill tumor cells by microwave radiated by electrodes. This method is welcomed by doctors and patients because it does not require laparotomy, has less damage to the patient's body and low treatment cost. In modern warfare, a powerful microwave weapon is entering the application stage. It has no trace and no sound, but it can attack various targets including missiles, aircraft, tanks, warships, radar, computers, photoelectric components and so on. It produces enormous lethality and destructive power.

Microwave weapons use microwave energy to produce comprehensive effects such as high temperature, ionization, radiation, sound wave, etc., and emit in a certain direction in the form of "beam" for destroying or damaging targets. According to measurements, the use of 0.01 watts of microwave energy radiation per square centimeter can directly make components of electronic systems such as communications, radar, navigation fail or burn down; when the microwave energy radiation reaches 80 watts per square centimeter, in only one second, it will cause people and organs in animals to lose balance due to the action of high heat, the coordination of functions will be confused, and soon affect God. The structure of microwave weapon consists of UHP microwave transmitter, large high gain antenna and tracking and aiming control system. When attacking the target, the large antenna gathers the microwave output from the ultra-high power transmitter in the narrow beam to form a strong beam energy, and then shoots at the target at a high speed of 300,000 kilometers per second. Compared with similar radar, microwave weapon has thousands of times higher energy radiation and tens of thousands of times higher energy radiation. In the same weapon that emits particle beam, microwave weapon has much larger beam width and slower attenuation than laser weapon. A very important role of microwave weapon in application is to deal with electronic equipment. Electronic equipment in modern warfare is an indispensable guidance system for all kinds of weapons in searching targets and attacking. It has a very strange function. It is difficult to deal with it with other weapons. But microwave weapon is not. Because it is a kind of electromagnetic wave emitted by itself, it can easily interfere and destroy the electronic oscillation, and can cause the paralysis of the whole electronic working system, thus making the weapon system lose the ability of attack and defense. With the development of science and technology, various stealth weapons have come out one after another. These new weapons can effectively avoid the detection and tracking of radar and infrared sensors. However, these stealth weapons will suffer when they encounter high-energy beams of microwave weapons. The "stealth clothes" coated on these weapons are special coatings that can be heated in a very short time and cause damage or even melt in an instant. Such a result would destroy the entire stealth weapon. Thus, microwave weapons are destined to be the nemesis of stealth weapons from the date of their birth.

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