New energy development will be an important subject

- May 08, 2019 -

There are at least two reasons why microwave drying equipment is going to China's ceramic industry

regarding energy conservation, energy structure and new energy development as an important issue for China's ceramic industry in the coming year. First, the requirements for cleaner production to be issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, energy saving indicators of the industry, certification of national environmental protection signs and a series of industrial policies have been promulgated, so enterprises can not help but ignore the choice of energy sources and the development of new energy sources. Save money. Second, the rising trend of energy prices makes enterprises indifferent to energy issues.

Because the characteristics of ceramic production technology must include grinding and high-temperature calcination, the two major energy sources of power and fuel become the basic conditions for normal production. Generally, electricity is used for material grinding and mechanical power, 60% of which is consumed in raw material preparation, so energy saving is mainly in the raw material processing section. At present, the heat needed for ceramic production comes from the heat generated by fuel combustion, which is mainly used for calcination and drying. Consequently, energy saving is mainly to find a way out in the calcination and drying stage. In the past two decades, due to the technological progress of the industry, energy saving of Chinese ceramics has reduced by 50% in general. It can be affirmed that the achievements of energy saving of Chinese ceramics in these years are quite a few, but the pace is still small. Keep it up. According to my assessment, even if existing technology is used in the next few years, there will be more than 20% potential as long as management and concept updating are emphasized.

Energy structure selection should be listed as an important measure of energy conservation, and enough attention should be paid to it now. For a long time, because of the low price of heavy oil and blended oil, it has been selected as the main fuel in many production areas. It has not been possible from now on. Now, whether the consequences of environmental pollution in some production areas can be regarded as the reward of long-term use of heavy oil, Jingdezhen, Yixing and Chaozhou? There are white clouds and blue skies in the well-known producing areas in China, such as prefectures. Besides the product structure and technological reasons, it is the effect of oil burning, firewood burning, coal burning instead of liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and gas. Microwave drying uses power to convert into heat, which avoids fuel burning at all. Although there are still useful electricity and price to be solved, it provides a new way of thinking. 。 The choice of gaseous fuels, including natural gas, liquefied gas and gas, is basically a conclusion of China's ceramics industry, which is also the result of decades of evolution and controversy.

Reducing the loss and emission of heat energy, developing heat recovery technology, developing clean energy sources such as energy-saving burners and solar energy, developing and introducing functional materials, and discussing the need not to burn ceramics, are all reflected in the research and development projects of the ceramic industry.

Super-large, high-power industrial microwave drying and sintering equipment fills this gap. It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can save more than 50% energy than traditional equipment, and has no smoke and dust emission. It is an ideal renewal equipment.

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