Microwave Promotes the Development of Pharmaceutical Processing Industry

- May 08, 2019 -

Zhao Zhihai of Henan Microwave Equipment Network talks about microwave: The discovery of electromagnetic wave has brought people into the information society, and microwave technology has brought communication, broadcasting and television to millions of households. The application of microwave energy has first enjoyed the magic of microwave oven and provided a new heating mode for industrial heating. This heating method has been widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry, medicine, etc.

Firstly, it is mainly used for heating and drying of food, medicinal materials, agricultural and sideline products, wood, cardboard, chemical products, pre-baking and sintering of ceramics, vulcanization and preheating of rubber, etc.

Secondly, it is used for food, medicinal materials, agricultural and sideline local products by its biological effects. Low-temperature sterilization, mildew-proof and fresh-keeping, liquor aging, alcoholization, suspension of fermentation, breeding and so on. Microwave heating, as a high-tech nowadays, has already moved from laboratory and family to practical stage of production, which provides a blue sky for the processing of food, medicine, agricultural and sideline native products. Microwave heating, drying and sterilization

< P > Microwave is the electromagnetic wave with a high rate from 300 MHZ to 300 GMHZ, and its direction and size change periodically with time. Microwave heating is the process of converting the higher frequency electromagnetic wave into heat energy. Water is a substance that absorbs microwave strongly. Water molecule in material is a polar molecule under the action of microwave. Its polar orientation changes with the change of external electromagnetic field. 915 MHz microwave can make water molecule move 1.83 billion times per second, resulting in molecule abrasion, collision, and a series of physicochemical processes such as heat generation and expansion to achieve the purpose of microwave heating.

Bacteria are composed of water, protein, nucleic acid, carbohydrate, fat and inorganic complex mediators. Microwave sterilization is the result of the combined action of microwave thermal effect and biological effect. Microwave thermal effect on bacteria is the denaturation of proteins, the loss of nutrition, reproduction and living conditions and the death of bacteria. Microwave biological effect on fine bacteria It is the microwave electric field that changes the potential distribution of cell membrane cross section, affects the concentration of electrons and ions around the cell, thus changes the permeability of cell membrane. Bacteria are malnourished, unable to metabolize normally. Bacterial structure and function are disordered, growth and development are inhibited and die. In addition, nucleic acids (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA), which determine the normal growth and stable genetic reproduction of bacteria, are convoluted macromolecules closely linked by a number of hydrogen bonds. A strong enough microwave can cause hydrogen bond relaxation, breakage and recombination, thereby inducing genetic mutations, or chromosomal aberrations, to breakage. Microwave sterilization utilizes the thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic field to destroy organisms. Therefore, the microwave sterilization temperature is lower than the conventional method. Generally speaking, the sterilization temperature of conventional method is 120 ~130 C. The time of microwave sterilization is more than half an hour, while that of microwave sterilization is only 70 105 C. The time of microwave sterilization is about 90~180 seconds.

< P> There are three stages in microwave sterilization. The first stage is the rapid heating up. To reach the predetermined sterilization temperature, a strong uniform energy density should be used in this stage. The second stage is the heat preservation process, which makes the sterilization material dry and balanced at the temperature. The third stage is the natural or forced cooling process. Microwave heating drying, sterilization characteristics

1, rapid and uniform heating

does not need heat conduction process. It can penetrate into wave heating materials instantaneously. The penetration depth can reach several centimeters. Even more than a dozen centimeters. The microwave energy can be converted into heat energy in seconds to minutes. Microwave has selective heating, which will make the heating more uniform.

2, energy-saving and high-efficiency

Because the substance containing water is easy to absorb microwave directly and heat without other intermediate conversion links, there is almost no other loss except a small amount of transmission loss. Compared with far infrared heating, microwave heating saves 1/3~1/2 of energy. Microwave heating has thermodynamic and biological effects. Therefore, it can kill and kill fungi and bacteria at lower temperatures: it can preserve the activity of materials and vitamins, colours and nutrients in food to the greatest extent.

4, advanced technology, continuous production

as long as the switch of microwave power supply can achieve heating or termination. It has a perfect transmission system, which can ensure continuous production and save labor.

P>5, safe and harmless

P>Because microwave energy is controlled to work in the heating chamber and waveguide made of metal, microwave leakage is effectively suppressed. No radiation hazards and harmful gas emissions. No waste heat and dust pollution. No pollution department. No pollution to the environment.

P>6. The equipment occupies a small area and improves the working conditions. Microwave can promote the development of pharmaceutical industry

From 1940s when Raytheon Company made the first microwave oven, to 1950s and 1960s, with the development of high-power magnetron, the emergence of tunneling and folded waveguide heaters in the United States and Britain, a new "energy revolution" has been launched in the application of microwave energy abroad. Popularized to food, medicine, agricultural and sideline products, chemical industry and contemporary cutting-edge technology and many other fields, advanced technology.

For a long time, traditional heating drying and sterilization methods have been adopted in the pharmaceutical processing industry in China, such as hot air and far infrared drying, high temperature and high pressure, cobalt 60 irradiation and so on. They not only have low thermal efficiency, long heating time and large occupied area, but also are not conducive to environmental protection. At the same time, the sterilization should be carried out at 120 C for 20-40 minutes. The pharmacodynamics and nutritional components of the drugs are deteriorated to a certain extent. Microwave drying and sterilization can give full play to the characteristics of microwave drying and sterilization, and can solve the disadvantages of traditional heating. For example, with carefully designed microwave drying and sterilizing equipment, the processed pills do not crack and have good consistency. Maintaining the original medicinal properties greatly prolongs the shelf life. Using 10Kw microwave oral liquid sterilization equipment, more than 6000 oral liquid can be processed every hour, and its sterilization temperature is only about 80 C. The time is less than 2 minutes. Not only the hygienic index is up to the standard, but also the oral liquid is clear in color, keeps the original nutritional ingredients of the oral liquid, has no precipitation, and has a good taste.

In recent years, microwave has developed rapidly in the drying and sterilization of medicines, and microwave extraction of medicines. At the same time, due to the breakthrough of microwave vacuum and microwave vacuum freezing sublimation technology, and the recently developed purple low-light sterilizer is our unique patent product, is also the first in China, and promotes the development of microwave in the pharmaceutical processing industry.

< P> Practice has proved that microwave is more suitable for production. For materials with high value, strict quality requirements, low heat conductivity and difficult to process by traditional technology, microwave dehydration alone is sometimes uneconomical for materials with excessive moisture content. If microwave is combined with hot air, steam or far infrared method, the effect will be multiplied with half the effort. For example, the drying rate of microwave combined with far-infrared drying is more than 8 Fu higher than that of traditional hot-air drying. Using microwave and far-infrared as heat source and far-infrared as heat source, material molecules and atoms can vibrate to generate heat energy. Combining the two, the drying rate will be more than 10 times of that of hot-air drying, and the rate of ripening material will be more than 5 times faster than that of other heat sources.

Rebuilding traditional medicine industry with high and new technology will open up a new road for medicine industry at home and abroad. The application of microwave energy in medicine and other industries is the demand of the majority of manufacturers. It is also the demand of scientific development and human social progress.

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