How to use the box drier of chicken leg mushroom correctly

- May 03, 2019 -

Adhering to the principle of putting customers first, products are tailored to customer requirements, so that customers can have no worries after sales. Today we introduce the practical application of a strong chicken leg mushroom dryer equipment in production.

Box-type drier of chicken leg mushroom is a kind of mild drying method, which is close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of surface water is close to the migration rate of internal water to the surface, so that the dried products have good quality, good color and high product grade.

chicken leg mushroom dryer core advantages: more cost-effective use of natural atmospheric heat conversion, temperature control and dehumidification at the same time, no combustion, non-direct heat. Faster: Temperature adjustment and dehumidification run at the same time, drying time than the traditional method can save 35%. Cleaner: The whole drying process is non-combustion, no waste water discharge, no environmental pollution. The complete set of equipment does not need a large number of civil engineering, fixed factory buildings can cover a small area, easy to move, low installation costs.

Guarantee: Any problem will be solved as soon as possible. The usual measures include free replacement of spare parts, free deployment of engineers, and free technical guidance and support. 24-hour after-sales hotline to answer all your questions.

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