Advantages of Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Foot-soaking Phoenix Claw

- May 06, 2019 -

Pickled pepper and chicken claw is one of the most popular snacks in recent years. It is famous for its spicy, nutritious and fragrant skin and phloem. Pickled pepper and chicken claws can not only be elegant hall, but also popular with ordinary people. Authentic pickled pepper and Phoenix claws are plump and white. They are fragrant when chewing and have strong taste promoting effect.

Foot-soaking claws need sterilization in the process of production and processing. If the sterilization effect is not ideal, it will affect the shelf life and easy bagging. Traditional pasteurization is carried out by heat at high temperature (121 C or above). The time of pasteurization usually takes 10 minutes or even longer to reach the food hygiene standard. The flavor and taste of the soaked feet and claws will change when the temperature is so high for a long time.

microwave sterilization equipment is low-temperature sterilization (the general sterilization temperature is 70-mdash; 80 DEG), its sterilization principle is that microwave can destroy the cell wall of bacteria, make nutrient loss in bacterial cells, and play a role in inhibiting cell growth and death. Microwave can penetrate the surface of the material and sterilize both inside and outside the material at the same time. Therefore, microwave heating can sterilize pickled pepper and chicken claws in short time and fast speed (sterilization time is about 3-mdash; 5 minutes).

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