The latest microwave sterilization equipment technology and practical process characteristics

- May 06, 2019 -

The microwave sterilization equipment technology is the result of the combination of thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic field. The thermal effect of microwave sterilization equipment on bacteria is to change the protein, make bacteria lose nutrition, reproduction and survival conditions and die. The biological effect of microwave on bacteria is that microwave electric field changes the potential distribution of cell membrane cross section, affects the concentration of electrons and ions around cell membrane, thus changes the permeability of cell membrane. Bacteria are malnourished, unable to metabolize normally, cell structure and function are disordered, growth and development are inhibited and death. In addition, microwave can make bacteria grow normally and reproduce steadily. Nucleic acid [RNA] and deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] are relaxed, broken and recombined by several hydrogen bonds, which can induce genetic mutation, chromosome aberration or even breakage. Microwave sterilization equipment has good effect. Practice has proved that microwave sterilization can kill all E. coli at 75 C, and the total number of bacteria at 80 90 C decreases greatly. The time is only 2 6 minutes. The heating sterilization speed is fast and the time is short, so the nutritional ingredients and traditional flavor in food are retained, and the color and luster are not destroyed. Microwave machine can prolong the shelf life of food: the materials treated by microwave sterilization can prolong the shelf life for half a year, which has significant effect on improving product quality and prolonging storage period. Characteristics of

microwave sterilization equipment 1. Short time, fast speed 2, low temperature sterilization to maintain nutrient composition and traditional flavor 3, energy saving 4, uniform and thorough 5, easy to control 6, simple equipment, advanced technology 7, good working conditions, saving space. Application Scope of Microwave Sterilization Equipment: Microwave Sterilization Machine is used to prevent the baking, puffing, sterilization, peeling, pickling, brine flavor and small packages of various meat products, such as powder, granule, flake food, pharmaceuticals, nutrients, grain products, agricultural by-products, beef, preserved meat, instant noodles, instant food, rice flour, almonds, peanuts, dates, peachestnuts and chestnuts. Mildew, sterilization and preservation are also used in research institutes.

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