Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces Helps New Pharmaceutical Processing Technology

- May 06, 2019 -

The microwave sterilization equipment for Chinese herbal slices is suitable for drying and sterilizing powdery, granular, flaky or colloidal Chinese medicines. This sterilizing equipment not only has fast drying and sterilizing speed, but also maintains the nutrient composition, shape and color of Chinese medicines to a great extent. It is an advanced microwave sterilizing equipment with energy saving and high efficiency.

Chinese herbal decoction pieces are Chinese herbal medicines processed according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the method of traditional Chinese medicine. After processing, they can be directly used in the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, including some slices of traditional Chinese medicines processed from the origin, original slices of traditional Chinese medicines and slices processed and processed. Microwave sterilization equipment is used to dry and sterilize Chinese herbal slices, which has high efficiency, good product quality and good sterilization effect. At the same time, the nutritional ingredients, original color and fragrance are preserved to a great extent, and the quality is greatly improved. The heating principle of microwave sterilization equipment is that the polar molecules inside the material absorb microwave rapidly under the action of microwave. Because of the strong penetration of microwave, the material can be heated at the same time on the surface and in the interior, without thermal difference, uniform heating, No tender phenomenon in the outer Coke will occur, which ensures the quality of the product. The bactericidal effect of microwave sterilization equipment is the result of the dual action of microwave thermal effect and biological effect. The thermal effect of microwave denatures proteins and causes bacteria to lose nutrition, reproduction and living environment and die. The biological effect of microwave is that microwave electric field changes the ion and electron distribution of cell membrane, changes the permeability of cell membrane, makes bacteria malnourished and bacteria normal. Growth and development were inhibited and died. The microwave equipment produced by

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