New Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Drugs to Solve the Malpractice of Sterilization in Pharmaceutical Industry

- May 06, 2019 -

Comprehensive microwave sterilization equipment for medicines has a wide range of applications, high efficiency and good product quality. Microwave selective heating can be applied to various types of medicines, avoiding uneven heating and other phenomena, and the drying effect is good. The strong penetration of microwave makes the material surface temperature rise at the same time, avoids the drawback of slow heating in traditional process, and ensures the working efficiency of the equipment. The sterilization principle of

microwave sterilization equipment is the dual function of microwave thermal effect and biological effect. The sterilization process can be completed only by keeping the material in the working environment of about 80 C for a few minutes. The operation is simple and the nutrition and original color of the material can be maintained at the same time. The microwave sterilizer for synthetic drugs is mainly made of stainless steel plate, which is strong, beautiful in appearance and has strong heat insulation and corrosion resistance. It is equipped with PLC control system to realize pipeline work, which greatly improves production efficiency and enterprise efficiency. The microwave sterilizing equipment produced by

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