Microwave sterilization equipment for bamboo chopsticks can operate continuously in tunnel mode

- May 06, 2019 -

Bamboo chopsticks Microwave sterilization equipment is suitable for bamboo chopsticks, wood, bamboo and wood crafts, such as rapid drying, sterilization, mildew killing, insecticide, etc., effectively remove most of its internal moisture, kill the bacteria attached to it; equipment heating quickly, uniformly, after processing product appearance smooth, non-cracking, non-deforming, non-changing color, while saving energy consumption, no environment. Pollution is an advanced microwave sterilization equipment.

Microwave sterilization equipment can simultaneously dry and sterilize bamboo chopsticks, with fast drying speed, good sterilization effect, multiple to dozens of times work efficiency, at least 1/3 of energy consumption and more, and improve enterprise efficiency. The heating mode of microwave sterilizing equipment is different from that of traditional technology. It makes the heated material itself as a heating body and can reach the heating temperature in a very short time without heat conduction process. At the same time, microwave selective heating makes the surface of bamboo chopsticks heated uniformly at the same time, without thermal gradient and uniform heating. It will not appear the phenomenon of external drying and internal wetness, and prevent the product from drying, cracking, deformation and wetting. Discoloration, high yield. The bactericidal effect of

microwave is the result of both thermal and biological effects of microwave electric field. Bamboo chopsticks are sterilized by microwave sterilization equipment. Only 2-3 minutes of materials in microwave field at 75-85 C can achieve the purpose of sterilization and mildew. No secondary sterilization, no additional cost, no high temperature sterilization, no decline in product quality, no need for the delivery of sterilizing drugs, no drug residues, and good product quality.

bamboo chopsticks microwave sterilization equipment adopts tunnel structure, mainly made of stainless steel plate, with strong heat insulation performance, less heat overflow, energy saving and good working environment; the equipment adopts PLC system, infrared temperature measurement, automatic deviation rectification of transmission belt, automatic temperature control, real-time monitoring, one-key setting, automatic system, realizing pipeline work with a great range. Improve the overall production efficiency.

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