Microwave drying equipment for glass fibers greatly improves the quality of glass fibers

- May 06, 2019 -

Glass fibers microwave drying equipment , the comparative advantages of microwave drying glass fibers (such as yarn balls, silk cake, short cut silk, cloth, etc.) compared with conventional drying (such as steam, electric heating, etc.) are as follows:

Glass fibers have bright colour and no yellowing phenomenon;

_good film formation and fast soaking speed;

good strand formation;

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The microwave drying of glass fibers can be designed according to the size and shape of yarns, felt, cloth and blanket, as well as the different requirements and characteristics of drying temperature, film forming time and stiffness moisture content. High frequency drying equipment has three types: caterpillar continuous transmission, intermittent or intermittent traveling, and high frequency hot air mixing. It saves about 50% energy than traditional drying equipment and can be greatly improved. High fibre quality.

Glass fibre Microwave drying equipment Suitable for drying rolled yarn, glass fibre cloth, chopped fibre, filament cake, plywood yarn, aluminium silicate felt, ceramic fibre, glass fibre post-treatment drying, fiberglass curing etc.

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