The safety level of microwave sterilization equipment for food and vegetable is very high.

- May 06, 2019 -

Food vegetable microwave sterilization equipment can be divided into dozens of categories, including the processing and drying of original agricultural products, the drying and sterilization of deep-processed food, and the re-drying and sterilization of artificial food. Because the drying and sterilization of food must meet certain standards, in order to meet the requirements of national sanitary standards and shelf life, food drying Drying is the most stringent drying requirement for all kinds of products. Microwave sterilization equipment is the best drying equipment in the food industry at present, because food in the drying process often needs to be properly inhibited the growth of bacteria or can reduce biological pollution indicators will be better.

Vegetable Microwave Sterilization Equipment Under the action of exhaust fan, the air flow enters through the opening of both ends of the suppressor and is discharged by the dehumidifier tube, thus bringing out the water vapor in the microwave drying box. At the same time, due to the blocked air intake of the suppressor, a local negative pressure will be formed at the outlet position, which is beneficial to the moisture volatilization of the material, but the air flow enters into the microwave along the direction of the conveyor belt. Under the condition of negative pressure, the flow velocity in the drying chamber is relatively high. For small and light materials, such as tea, it will be drifted and dispersed in the chamber under the action of airflow, and then it will be extracted or attached to the wall of the microwave drying chamber, which will cause odor or even fire. If the amount of exhaust air is reduced, the problem of moisture exhaust and insufficient drying will easily arise. In order to ensure that the moisture is discharged while avoiding material drifting under the action of airflow and dispersing in the microwave drying chamber, the microwave drying equipment is designed.

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