Low energy consumption and high efficiency of jelly microwave sterilization equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

The biological effect of jelly microwave sterilizer | jelly microwave sterilizing equipment on bacteria is that microwave electric field changes the permeability of cell membrane section, bacteria are malnourished, can not metabolize normally, bacterial structure and function are disordered, growth and development are inhibited and death. In addition, nucleic acids (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA), which determine the normal growth and stable genetic reproduction of bacteria, are relaxed, broken and recombined by a number of hydrogen bonds, thus inducing genetic mutations or chromosomal aberrations or even breaks. Different from the traditional process, the microwave sterilization equipment uses microwave to heat the jelly, which is fast and uniform, and can achieve the predetermined temperature in a very short time to achieve the purpose of heating sterilization. Microwave heating makes the heated material itself become a heater without heat conduction process, although materials with poor heat conductivity can achieve sterilization temperature in a very short time; at the same time, microwave selective heating makes the material heated uniformly, and will not cause the decline of product quality due to large temperature difference, so the product quality sells well.

Jelly Microwave Sterilizer | Jelly Microwave Sterilizer adopts tunnel structure, mainly made of industrial grade stainless steel plate, which is strong, has strong heat insulation and heat preservation performance, prevents heat spillover, saves energy consumption, and has good working environment; The equipment adopts PLC system, automatic deviation rectification, real-time monitoring, realizes pipeline work with low labor intensity, only needs 2-3 people, and improves the whole system at the same time. Production efficiency.

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