Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Food Cakes: Low Temperature, Rapid Sterilization and Preservation Components

- May 06, 2019 -

Food pastry microwave sterilization equipment is a fast low temperature microwave sterilization equipment produced by the company. It can be used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, mainly used in various small package food, bottled food, bottled drinks, bean products, cooked food, condiment (chicken essence, essence) flour and other sterilization treatment.

Microwave sterilization does not need preservation, does not change enzymes in long-term storage, does not lose nutrients, and maintains the original color, fragrance and taste. Microwave equipment saves 50% of the time compared with other equipment and 40% of the electricity compared with other electrical equipment. No industrial pollution and residues, no damage to the environment. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. The advantages of

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food microwave sterilization equipment lie in

1, short time, fast speed and low temperature sterilization.

2, sterilization is thorough, and the efficacy of sterilization, anti-mildew, insecticide can be carried out simultaneously.

3. The product quality is good, the original active ingredients of the material are retained to a great extent, and the shelf life and fresh-keeping period of the material are prolonged.

4. Simple equipment, advanced technology, easy to control, save space, save energy and improve working conditions. The technical mechanism of food microwave sterilization equipment includes thermal effect and non-thermal effect. The thermal effect of microwave energy

1. When microwave acts on food, microwave energy is absorbed simultaneously on the surface and inside of food, and the temperature rises. Microbial cells contaminated by food are also polarized to produce high frequency oscillation and thermal effect under the action of microwave field. The rapid increase of temperature changes the protein structure in the bacteria, thus losing its biological activity, causing the death of the bacteria or being seriously disturbed and unable to reproduce. Non-thermal biochemical effects of microwave energy

2. Many experiments have proved that microwave lethality does exist non-thermal effects. Microwave can change the biological arrangement, combination and movement of a large number of electrons, ions and other charged particles in microbial life metabolism activities, resulting in changes in the physiological active substances of microorganisms. At the same time, the electric field can also change the charge distribution near the cell membrane, leading to membrane dysfunction, disturbing and destroying the normal metabolic function of microbial cells, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, or even stopping growth or death. Microwave energy can also reduce the water activity necessary for the survival of microorganisms and destroy the living environment of microorganisms. When microwave energy is absorbed by DNA and RNA in microbial cells, the hydrogen bonds in the molecular structure will be relaxed, broken and recombined, resulting in gene mutation and chromosome aberration, thus interrupting the normal reproduction of microbial cells. In this way, microorganisms such as yeast and yeast will be killed in a short time under the combined action of the thermal effect of microwave irradiation on food temperature and the non-thermal effect of protein molecular denaturation, and the color, aroma, taste and nutritional components of food will not be lost.

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