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- May 06, 2019 -

jujube dryer equipment, looking for domestic advanced jujube drying line equipment microwave manufacturers.

1. Drying jujube can reduce the percentage of jujube rotted by rain pulp and make jujube yield and harvest high.

2. Raise the grade of jujube. To dry jujube in time after harvest can reduce decay, cracks, damage and environmental pollution. It is necessary to make the product complete and full, clean and hygienic. After processing and selection, the jujube is even and the grade is the same.

3. Raise the weight percentage of finished jujube. Under the same water content, the weight percentage of dried jujube is higher than that of natural dried jujube.

4. Guarantee the commodity value of jujube. The dried jujube is dark red in color, glossy, plump in appearance, clean and hygienic. Nutritional ingredients not only do not deteriorate, but some ingredients such as vitamin C are higher than those of natural dried jujube. The dried jujube is resistant to storage because the high temperature during drying has the function of killing germs and insects. During the drying process, the eggs of insects are killed. Even the carnivorous insects that sneak into the fruit also crawl out of the fruit and die from heat.

5. Microwave processing of jujube is labor-saving and time-saving, and the cost is low. Under the condition that the finished products reach the same quality and moisture content, natural drying generally takes 30-40 days, while microwave drying of most jujube varieties can meet the requirements in only a few minutes. The whole processing process adopts full automatic PLC control system, and the computer adjusts temperature, humidity and baking time.

The balanced dehydration technology of jujube unique to Henan Microwave Drying Equipment Company--the dehydration amount inside the jujube is equal to the dehydration amount of the baking barn, so that the jujube always keeps its surface wet and dries quickly from inside to outside during the drying process. Compared with the traditional jujube drying room, it has the characteristics of short time, low energy consumption, clean and sanitary, advanced technology, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The advantages of drying jujube can be maintained regardless of appearance, color and nutrient composition. The complete set of equipment for cleaning and drying jujube is composed of classifier, high pressure bubble cleaner, brush cleaner, hoist and microwave drying sterilizer. High-pressure bubble cleaning and spraying are used to remove impurities by brushing and enter the microwave dryer. After sterilization, the fruit surface is bright and the size is the same; the fruit is cleaned according to the national standards and export standards; the added value of the fruit is increased, the water loss is reduced and the shelf life is prolonged; the packaging machine can be equipped to realize the automatic production line. The equipment has the advantages of high automation, high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, wide cleaning range, high cleaning degree and no damage to cleaning materials. It is an ideal choice for the deep processing merchants of jujube. It is also an ideal equipment for cleaning vegetables, mushrooms and aquatic products.

Processing equipment technological process: grading before drying-rarr; high pressure bubble cleaning-rarr; brush cleaning-rarr; vibration leaching-rarr; microwave drying sterilization-rarr; cooling-rarr; grading after drying-rarr; packaging. Microwave sterilization is the result of the combination of thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic field. The thermal effect of microwave on bacteria is to change protein, make bacteria lose nutrition, reproduction and survival conditions and die. The biological effect of microwave on bacteria is that microwave electric field changes the potential distribution of cell membrane cross section, affects the concentration of electrons and ions around cell membrane, thus changes the permeability of cell membrane. Bacteria are malnourished, unable to metabolize normally, cell structure and function are disordered, growth and development are inhibited and death. In addition, microwave can make bacteria grow normally and reproduce steadily. Nucleic acid RNA and deoxyribonucleic acid DNA are relaxed, broken and recombined by several hydrogen bonds, which can induce genetic mutation, chromosome aberration or even breakage. The application scope of industrial microwave equipment includes drying, sterilization, reaction, sintering, extraction, heating, etc. in food, medicine, wood, chemical products, tea, pharmaceutical, ceramics, paper and other industries. The application structure includes tunnel type, kiln type and cabinet type.

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