Lentinus edodes dryer manufacturer mainly promotes heat pump drying equipment with high efficiency and energy saving

- May 06, 2019 -

Lentinus edodes heat pump dryer Detailed description: With the continuous expansion of industrial production scale, the traditional drying methods with high drying efficiency and cost can not meet the existing needs. Heat pump is a new and energy-saving technology. To a large extent, the problems of slow drying efficiency and high drying cost have been solved. Under the background of slow drying efficiency and high drying cost, under the condition of drying temperature below 85 degrees, heat pump drying will be a preferred direction for enterprises. At present, heat pump drying has been gradually applied in many industries. For example: tobacco drying in tobacco industry, starch drying in food industry, rice flour drying, bacon sausage drying, paint drying on material surface, material drying temperature below 85 degrees, etc. Heat pump drying is developing towards increasing drying temperature, developing new heat pump drying system and automatic control technology of heat pump. The technology of perfect combination of heat pump drying and energy consumption reduction and product quality improvement will bring a great technological revolution to drying industry.

Lentinus edodes heat pump dryer principle: heat pump dryer is a new type of energy-saving dryer with high efficiency. Its working principle is based on the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, using a small amount of electric energy, using compressor, the working substance evaporates into gaseous state in the evaporator after passing through expansion valve, and absorbs a large amount of heat energy in the air. The gaseous working substance is compressed into high temperature by the compressor. High-pressure gas, and then into the condenser heat release, drying medium heating, so that continuous cycle of heating, drying medium can be heated to 40 ~85 ~C. Compared with the electric heating dryer, it saves two-thirds of the electricity.

Lentinus edodes heat pump dryer construction system:

1, main engine: air-energy heat pump drying dehumidifier (heat pump dryer absorbs free heat from the air with little input of electricity for drying materials)

<2, drying room: polyurethane foaming thermal insulation warehouse (customized), used for placing materials, and thermal insulation to avoid heat loss.

3. Baking room circulation system: hot air circulation system, which brings heat to every corner of the drying room to raise the temperature of the drying room and take away the moisture evaporated from the material.

4. Drainage and drainage system: Condense most of the hot and humid air inside the barn into water, and discharge excess water vapor through the fan.

5, automatic intelligent control system: according to the most suitable drying process curve, automatically adjust temperature and humidity, drying time.

p>6. Unique energy-saving technology: high-efficiency three-time waste heat recovery dehumidification device, 30% energy efficiency than ordinary heat pump dryer.

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