Hot pepper heat pump dryer please identify the manufacturer

- May 06, 2019 -

Introduction of Chili Dryer : In order to facilitate the transportation and storage of chili peppers, it is necessary to control its moisture content in the process of processing chili peppers. Drying pepper is a necessary process. At present, chilli drying room is mainly used for chilli drying. Kuwait Machinery has a lot of experience in hot pepper drying process, and also designs hot pepper drying equipment for many enterprises, the main hot pepper drying room. Composition of

pepper dryer: The equipment of pepper drying room is mainly composed of heat source equipment, fan, drying room, pipeline and so on. Air-energy heat pump is usually used as heat source. The working principle of

pepper dryer is that the drying medium (air) is heated through hot blast stove and enters the drying room through fan and pipeline. The pepper is fully contacted with hot air in the drying room to complete the drying process. Wet air is removed by fan, fresh hot air continuously enters the drying room, completing the effect of continuous drying. The contact area between hot air and pepper materials is about 30 square meters, and the drying speed can reach about 60 kg per hour. According to the different output, we can choose other types of pepper drying room in our company to improve the output. The use of pepper drying room is characterized by large single batch processing capacity, good drying effect, maintaining the natural shape and color of pepper, very uniform drying and low energy consumption.

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