Types and Construction Scale of High Temperature Heat Pump Drying Room

- May 06, 2019 -

Air energy dryer group supporting drying room There are two types, one is a simple independent thermal insulation drying room (products do not need secondary processing); the other is a flow drying room (products need secondary processing, suitable for large-scale, factory production).

Flow-shop drying room should be built in a closed area as far as possible, together with assembly workshop and processing workshop, to form a production system, and to determine the appropriate location according to the specific process of product production, which is not only convenient for transportation, but also conducive to pipeline operation and reduce labor costs. In hot weather, drying equipment can also be used as air conditioning, using the air-conditioning generated in the operation of equipment to cool other workshops, thereby reducing production costs.

Independent Drying Room is suitable for construction in places with solid soil, open ventilation, clean and hygienic, and can not be built near low-lying and high buildings or walls, which is conducive to dehumidification and accelerating drying speed. At the same time, try to choose sunny or relatively hot places, so as to reduce energy consumption and equipment operation costs. The orientation of the drying room should be determined according to the main direction of the stroke in the local production season, preferably perpendicular to the main wind direction. The advantages of this method are as follows: firstly, the air can enter the drying room smoothly, which is conducive to ventilation and dehumidification, and speeds up the drying of products; secondly, the wind in the operation of equipment is not disturbed by natural wind.

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