Design and installation technology of sausage drying room preferred heat pump dehumidification system

- May 06, 2019 -

The heat pump dryer system is a complex system engineering. The design and installation of drying room also need professional technicians to install it. The installation of drying room directly affects the quality and energy consumption efficiency of sausage. But a few days ago, I received a customer service call telling me how to install a sausage drying room. Technicians do not recommend their own installation, after all, the installation of drying room project is large, complex procedures, not professional installation master installation will be very laborious, may not be installed well or may cause harm, for which I hope that their friends who plan to install drying room can call technical personnel to provide installation guidance. Here is to share the main points of installation technology for sausage drying room:

1. Try to use the touch screen control screen with better user experience, set the temperature and time, and automatically control the environmental heat and air volume in the drying room in segments. Control the quality and taste of bacon.

2. Use the whole bacon drying room system as far as possible. Under the same rated power, the whole bacon drying room has better terminal heat output and better energy efficiency ratio.

3. Storage boards should not be cheap, but polyurethane cold storage boards should be used. One kind of EPS board will be much cheaper, but the heat loss is large, and its thermal insulation performance is far worse than that of polyurethane cold storage board.

4. The air-way system is specially designed for the axial convection fan system in the drying room as far as possible. Ordinary fans are easily damaged in high temperature and humidity environment. Although replacement is not expensive, it is very troublesome and makes people very frustrated.

5. Desiccant design of the system suggests using dehumidification system with waste heat recovery function and avoiding fan exhaust system as far as possible. This system is simple and has a large heat loss, which is cheaper. However, because of the large heat loss, the heat loss caused by the machine in the process of dehumidification needs to be frequently started by the machine, resulting in an increase in the overall use cost. It is recommended to use the system with waste heat recovery. Functional dehumidification system. Integral units often have this integration function.

Air-energy heat pump drying room performance characteristics:

1, easy installation: easy installation, removal, occupying less space, can be installed indoors and outdoors;

2, high-efficiency energy-saving: only a small amount of energy consumption, solar dryer can absorb a lot of heat in the solar energy, power consumption is only 1/30-1/40 of the heater; with coal, oil, air drying; Compared with the equipment, it can save about 75-98% of the operation cost. High temperature air-energy heat pump drying surface 1 kilowatt-hour is equal to 4 kilowatt-hour.

3. Environmental protection and pollution-free: No combustion and emissions, is a sustainable development of environmental protection products.

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