New heat pump raspberry dryer perfectly solves rotten fruit phenomenon

- May 06, 2019 -

Raspberry cultivation is disease-free and pesticide-free. As a pure natural food with nutrition and health care, it has great market development potential. But raspberries are not tolerant of long-distance transportation and storage. They are usually eaten on the same day when they are picked. Even if they are refrigerated in the refrigerator, they can only be kept for one or two days, which greatly restricts the development of the fresh fruit market.

Therefore, most of raspberries are dried into dried raspberries, which are sold as a traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, the raspberry harvesting season happens to be plum rain season, and the emergence of raspberry heat pump dryer makes farmers not worry about rotten fruit. Large heat pump dryer can dry 1 800 kg of raspberries at one time, with an average power consumption of 8 degrees per hour. The drying time of raspberries can be shortened to 6 hours. The equipment operates fully without manual duty. The problem that dry raspberry production depends on the day to eat was solved, and the phenomenon of rain and rotten fruit in raspberry picking season was saved for farmers.

heat pump raspberry dryer adopts two-stage drying method. The first drying time is 4 hours, and the temperature of 45-55 degrees is maintained. The humidity at the end of the drying room is set at 28%, the second drying time is 2 hours, the drying temperature is 60-65 degrees, and the end humidity is set at 11%. After the operation of the time, the moisture content of raspberry can be checked, and it can be out of the oven when it is cooled.

In 2016, the purchasing price of raspberry green fruit was 36-40 yuan per kilogram, while fresh fruit was 100 yuan per kilogram. At the same time, raspberry planting base can also develop picking tourism.

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