Microwave Drying Equipment Experiments and Suggestions on Type Selection

- May 06, 2019 -

With the development of various industries and the expansion of e-commerce, it is easy to find suitable equipment now, which can be found in computers and mobile phones, as well as microwave drying equipment . Customers should choose microwave drying equipment suitable for themselves, which should be determined by the comprehensive factors such as product size, water content, production process, plant area, etc. Sometimes they can bring product experiments in person in order to better understand product performance and provide reliable and powerful data proof for product production.

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Let's briefly talk about the microwave drying equipment if it is tested on the prototype: < / P >

1, weighing the products before drying; < / P >

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3, recording the experimental time and the power of microwave equipment; < / P >

4, according to the above data. Calculate the energy consumption, and match the accurate power to the customers according to the output;

5. Combining with the actual production of the products, give the customers equipment selection, and do a good job of detailed information and drawings for their reference, finally determine the equipment plan, sign the contract and order production. Microwave drying equipment is also called microwave dryer . It's what people use to dry materials! With the actual needs of production, farmers constantly adjust the direction of development. In recent years, everyone knows that the development of microwave drying equipment has increasingly become a hot spot and focus of agricultural mechanization development since the country put agricultural tax on strike.

With the large-scale planting of various crops, all kinds of supporting large-scale machinery came into being, and all kinds of grain drying equipment are the most concerned at present. The emergence of microwave drying equipment, in the eyes of large grain growers, is like dew. Now the environment is unpredictable, all kinds of grain, harvesting does not take much effort, but it is not a half-hour to dry. It is a big problem for some brothers who grow grain with less manpower, and the emergence of various microwave drying equipment for grain has solved such a problem.

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