Microwave drying equipment for pills accelerates the production capacity of pill manufacturers

- May 06, 2019 -

Drying is the last process in pill production. The stability of drying process control determines the quality of products to a certain extent, so it is very important to control the drying process automatically. Microwave drying of pills is a new drying technology, which has the advantages of uniform heating, fast drying speed, no color change, good quality and easy mass production. The drying speed of microwave drugs is 20-30 times faster than convective drying, and energy consumption is reduced by more than 30% compared with far infrared and steam drying. At the same time, the finished product rate of drugs is improved because of uniform drying. The electric control system of microwave drying equipment on the market at present mainly adopts manual and semi-automatic operation, and the correlation among parameters depends on manual judgment and operation, which objectively affects product quality and production efficiency. Only by improving the level of automation control and product quality and yield, can these drying equipment take the lead in the future market. Therefore, as microwave drying equipment, & quot; brain, & quot; & mdash; & mdash; automation degree of electrical control system plays a vital role in determining the quality of pills.

In the type of drying equipment, hot air heating atmospheric pressure drying equipment and vacuum drying equipment will be the main ones. Users in other special fields such as far infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment will gradually expand the number of applications. In the aspect of food and medicine drying, the demand for larger specifications of vacuum freeze drying equipment will increase. Demand for equipment that can be combined (such as granulation & mdash; drying & mdash; filtration) will also increase, and high automation drying equipment will be welcomed in some application fields. In addition, the appearance quality of drying equipment will be paid more and more attention. The corrosion resistance and reliable service life of corrosive materials drying equipment will be particularly concerned by users.

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