Practical Construction and Improvement of Heat Pump Drying Room

- May 06, 2019 -

In view of the reconstruction of the drying room, special attention should be paid to the material and temperature preservation of the original drying room. heat pump drying requires much higher temperature preservation of the drying room than the traditional way. At present, the drying room mostly uses polyurethane foaming board as the insulation layer, and the inner and outer skin uses color steel, stainless steel or galvanized plate. The installation is relatively simple, and it is a lock-type site. Assemble. The concrete steps of drying room reconstruction and construction are as follows: installing base plate-rarr; installing vertical plate-rarr; installing roof-rarr; installing base plate-rarr; installing base plate-rarr (convenient for workers to use carts and clean the drying room hygienically); installing main engine-rarr; installing circulating fan-rarr; installing duct plate or uniform plate-rarr; connecting power lines and drainage pipes.

drying room installation location needs good ventilation, in order to facilitate the absorption of air heat, exhaust outlet as close as possible to the external wall, easy to install air ducts to discharge moisture vapor outside the room, avoid water vapor to stay indoors, affect the health of production workshop and personal safety of workers, ordinary drying processing places and high-efficiency drying room can not be tested except wet drying room. Consider ventilation. At the same time, try to choose sunny or relatively hot places, so as to reduce energy consumption, reduce equipment operating costs, the direction of the drying room should be determined according to the main direction of the local production season stroke, preferably perpendicular to the main wind direction. The advantages of

are as follows: firstly, the air can enter the drying room smoothly, which is conducive to ventilation and dehumidification, and speeds up the drying of products; secondly, the air in the operation of equipment is not disturbed by natural wind. The drying room should be built in an enclosed area as far as possible, together with assembly workshop and processing workshop, to form a production system, and determine the appropriate location according to the specific process of product production, which is not only convenient for transportation, but also conducive to pipeline operation and reduce labor costs.

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