Landing of equipment project of large areca nut heat pump drying project in Qionghai, Hainan

- May 06, 2019 -

In recent years, more than 260 sets of new heat pump dryer equipment have been popularized and installed in many areas of Qionghai City, which can bring good economic benefits to our areca barbecue farmers and good comprehensive social benefits to our Wanning area. The promotion of heat pump drying room will strongly promote the green sustainable development of betel nut industry. At present, Qionghai City has completed the test and trial of air source heat pump betel nut dryer, which has achieved good results in energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency and quality improvement, and has been positively praised by enterprises. The traditional earthen oven workshop produces a lot of dust and smoke, seriously pollutes the environment, endangers workers'health, consumes a lot of coal and wood resources, promotes the use of air energy heat pump betel nut baking new equipment, does not burn coal balls, does not burn wood, environmental protection and energy saving, not only reduces production costs, reduces labor intensity, improves Betel nut product quality, will also significantly reduce pollution, in line with Hainan green. Rising concept of development. The comprehensive cost of traditional drying areca green fruit is about 0.6 yuan per kilogram, while the comprehensive cost of heat pump dryer is only about 0.25 yuan per kilogram, which greatly reduces the cost of baking and has remarkable benefits. In addition, the traditional workshop production depends on experience to judge and control the temperature, so the product quality can not be guaranteed, while the new heat pump dryer equipment intellectualized operation and standardized production, the product quality is stable and reliable, which is recognized by the vast number of agricultural practitioners.


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