Principle and characteristics of air-energy-sharing heat pump dryer

- May 06, 2019 -

With the gradual improvement of the processing quality of agricultural products and the requirement of energy saving and environmental protection, it is an inevitable trend to adopt drying equipment which can not only maintain the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of agricultural products, but also save energy and protect environment. Therefore, in recent years, heat pump drying method has quietly arisen in southern China.

Heat pump— & mdash; as its name implies, it is essentially a heat lifting device, i.e. heat pump drying unit which can absorb heat from the surrounding environment and transfer it to the heated object (such as materials in the drying room) to dry the material, and its working principle is similar to that of the refrigerator, all according to the original Kano cycle. The difference between management and work is heating and refrigeration. Therefore, heat pump drying is also the power of the heat pump unit. The structure of the drying room is the same as that of the drying room. It has the advantages of energy saving, reliable operation, easy automatic control, suitable for the use of a variety of materials, drying and emission pollution-free, and it is also a future development direction. Of course, heat pump drying also has a suitable ambient temperature operating range, that is, when the ambient temperature is relatively high, its energy efficiency is relatively high, therefore, it is more suitable for use in areas with higher temperatures in southern China. When used in the North (especially at night when the temperature is relatively low), it is better to increase the auxiliary heat source to raise the temperature of dry air and the drying working environment temperature of heat pump.

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