Microwave Pigskin Expansion Equipment Creates a New Situation of Deep Processing of Meat Food

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave puffing equipment , the characteristics of microwave puffing roasting energy conversion efficiency is high, heating speed is fast. The microwave oven itself does not heat, but the microwave energy penetrates the material, causing the polar molecules in the material to friction with each other and generate internal heat. The liquid inside the processed material is instantaneously heated, vaporized, pressurized and expanded, and the macromolecule material in the component is denatured by the expansion force of gas, and becomes a multi-microporous material with network structure characteristics and stereotyping.

In order to seek the effective utilization of meat skin, increase the variety and pattern of meat products, improve the flavor and palatability of meat skin, the microwave extrusion equipment was tested with fresh pork skin, and then various dishes were made. The effect was good, which opened up a new situation for further exploiting the utilization of meat skin extrusion as by-product.

p>strong>microwave puffing equipmentcan be produced continuously by pipeline structure. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate without any auxiliary facilities. Advanced circuit control design, such as automatic temperature control, automatic detection of material shortage and shutdown, is made of stainless steel. High-end configuration can be produced 24 hours a day. The application of the latest frequency conversion switching power supply technology can effectively reduce processing costs and equipment operating load. Label

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