Advantages of Activated Carbon Microwave Dryer for Heating and Regeneration

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave irradiation regeneration is an active carbon regeneration technology developed on the basis of thermal regeneration. Its principle is to use electricity as energy source and microwave irradiation heating to realize regeneration. Activated carbon regeneration by microwave irradiation has the advantages of short time, low energy consumption, simple equipment structure and wide application range. Its application prospect is very good. Activated carbon microwave dryer is mainly used for the rapid drying of activated carbon granules. Activated carbon carrier microwave drying needs to be combined with hot air drying. The drying time is short, the drying speed is fast and the drying degree is uniform. Different types of products can be designed according to the process suitable for production equipment.

Activated Carbon Microwave Dryer is characterized by continuous production of equipment, which only needs electricity, does not need other energy sources, can quickly dry materials to the required moisture, the equipment occupies a small area, is pollution-free and easy to operate, does not need preheating, and does not have energy loss after shutdown. Less labor, high quality products. The advanced equipment is a high-tech product which can not be replaced by other equipment. Activated carbon has a very good microwave absorption ability. The water penetration ability of microwave with frequency of 2450 MHz is 2-5 cm, while that of activated carbon is less than 2 cm. Therefore, activated carbon is a kind of material which is especially suitable for industrial microwave equipment processing. Industrial microwave dryer has been successfully applied in the field of activated carbon drying. Activated carbon is a highly adsorptive substance, and the moisture in carbon powder (particle) is difficult to dry. Microwave heating must be adopted because microwave radiation frequency makes water molecules in activated carbon produce 2450MHZ oscillation every second, heating rapidly inside and outside, and continuously extracting water vapor through centrifugal fan. To achieve the effect of drying.

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