Microwave vacuum equipment provides a broad space for new wood drying technology

- May 06, 2019 -

Microwave vacuum drying equipment is mainly used for high-grade wood products which are difficult to drying, crackable and have high attached value, or which require lower drying temperature. Microwave wood drying equipment is a new concept of high-tech products, it effectively solves the difficult drying process of wood, long cycle, uneven drying and low yield of wood and other major problems, at the same time, it has anti-mildew and insecticidal effect. The main characteristics are as follows:

1. Fast drying speed and high efficiency: the drying speed of 25-50_pine board is 20-30 times faster than that of convective drying. The moisture content of wood decreases from about 25% to less than 12% in only 5-10 hours.

2.Wood after drying is uniform, non-deforming and non-cracking: Because microwave acts on the internal and external parts of wood at the same time, the heat is uniform, the wood treated by microwave can be dried evenly and thoroughly, and the internal stress of wood can be completely eliminated, the surface will not harden, the toughness will not be improved, cracking, deformation, discoloration and other phenomena will not occur again, which can effectively improve product quality.

3.It can prevent moth, mildew and prolong the shelf life: microwave drying wood can penetrate the interior of wood, kill parasitic eggs in wood, achieve the function of moth control, mildew prevention and prolong the shelf life.

4.High efficiency and energy saving: The energy utilization rate of wood drying with far infrared and steam energy is less than 50%, while that of microwave energy is more than 75%, which reduces energy consumption by more than 30% compared with far infrared and steam drying.

5. Easy to operate and save manpower: microwave can switch instantaneously without preheating, easy to operate, easy to manage, reduce labor intensity and save manpower. Safety, hygiene and environmental protection: microwave treatment of wood is noise-free, pollution-free, and will not produce & ldquo; three wastes & rdquo; problems.

7.Reduce technological process and improve wood yield: Microwave drying equipment can directly process semi-finished wood products, thus saving drying energy of useless wood and effectively improving wood utilization rate. It saves a lot of wood and energy, and its economic benefit is very remarkable.

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