Safety problems in application of microwave drying equipment

- May 06, 2019 -

Safety problems that should be paid attention to in the application of microwave drying equipment 1. In the application of microwave drying equipment, materials can not contain metal iron chips. Microwave can not reflect the heating of metal. Microwave can stimulate electrons in metal to generate high current sparks between metal iron chips and furnace body, which can cause fire seriously. 2. Stop using the door of microwave drying equipment if there are convex and concave phenomena. Slow closing of convex and concave door will cause microwave leakage. 3. Sealable materials (eggs with shells) can not be placed in microwave drying equipment. Microwave penetrates through the interior and heates quickly, which can cause explosion. 4. The microwave drying equipment should be cleaned regularly and the materials dropped during the production process should be cleaned up in time so as to avoid the fire caused by the excessive temperature after the long production time.

Industrial microwave equipment is basically customized according to customer's use requirements, and each link needs not only solid theoretical basis design, but also rich after-sales service experience. Nevertheless, any failure of thousands of electrical components on microwave equipment will affect the normal use of equipment. Therefore, in addition to the careful design and production of microwave equipment manufacturers, we also need the careful management of customers. In summary, there are the following aspects: 1. Equipment should be specially managed. 2. Maintain regularly and record the inspection and maintenance of microwave equipment. 3. It's better to have a major overhaul of microwave equipment before a long vacation. 4. Clean up and remove dust regularly.

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